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Coffee Coolers Meet the Hostiles by Howard Terpning
Coffee Coolers Meet the Hostiles by Howard Terpning

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity:
Greenwich Workshop Printer's Proofs and Artist's Proofs available—while they last...

We have opened The Greenwich Workshop Vault offer an exclusive collection of Fine Art Editions. With highly sought-after Printer’s Proofs offered along side Artist's Proofs. Many of these Fine Art Editions sold out at the publisher and have shown a strong demand on the secondary market. These hard to find artworks are in pristine condition and 100% guaranteed. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to add a sought-after Fine Art Edition to your collection! All orders will be on a first come, first serve basis.

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How it Works...

Explore the Vault

Request Availability and Price:

Select the "Request Availabilty and Price" button on the page of the Fine Art Edition/s, and you will be contacted by your preffered Greenwich Workshop Authorized Dealer. Your order is only guaranteed with a payment in full at time placing the order.

Your Fine Art Edition purchase will ship to your Authorized Dealer unless specifically directed to do otherwise. Packages ship insured for their purchase value, additional shipping charges may apply.

(The Fine Print: All orders will be on a first come, first serve basis. Regular Greenwich Workshop terms and conditions apply to this promotion. Other restrictions may apply.)

Parables by James C. Christensen
by James C. Christensen

Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy by James Bama
Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy by James Bama
What are Printer's Proofs
and Artist’s Proofs?

History: In the early days of printing, Artist's Proofs and Printer’s Proofs were comprised of the first few color-approved prints pulled off the press at the time of the run. Because press plates could wear down over the course of a printing, these were regarded as the sharpest and most desirable prints to have. This subset of prints, generally split between the artist and the publisher, are highly regarded by collectors.

Printer’s Proofs are the first editions off the press, and this singular edition is given to the printer of record—Greenwich Workshop, in this case. We are the only recipient of that particular edition, and are giving collectors a once in a lifetime opportunity to own this unique one-off edition.

Artist’s Proofs are small editions made by the printer for the artist. They are marked as "AP"s, and may be signed and numbered as well. Because Artist's Proofs are in limited quantities and "closer to the artist’s hand,” signed Artist's Proofs tend to be more valuable than the prints of a signed and numbered limited edition.

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Why are Artist's Proofs and Printer’s Proofs
so sought-after?

Artist’s Proofs and Printer’s Proofs are valuable for a number of reasons. First, their place as a part of the artist’s or publisher’s collection often means they have been stored rather than displayed, thus are in perfect condition. Second, there are vastly fewer of them. Their rarity as a subset of a given edition increases their value. When an edition is sold out and the secondary market is established, an Artist’s Proof or Printer’s Proof will often rise at a greater rate than the rest of the edition.

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California Home by June Carey
California Home
by June Carey


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