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"I thought of this image right after lunch. The banana was the final item of my repast. I tossed the peel at the garbage can but it missed and landed on top of my watercolor table. I looked at it and thought, 'What an interesting pose. What can I do with this?' So I started thinking. I associated bananas with monkeys and all of a sudden a light went on in my head as I thought of 'court of a peel.'"

The judge is a portrait of one of the older male chimpanzees at the San Francisco Zoo. He reminds you of the kind of judge who just sits there all day, half asleep, day after day, pasing the same judgments on and on and on.

by Bullas, Will

Available as an Artist Proof

Image Size:  12 3/4 " X 5 5/8 "
Release Date:  3/31/1994