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ďAfter spending the summer months on the move or in cooler summer encampments at higher elevations,Ē says Tom Gilleon, ďPlains tribes would often move to some river corridor for their winter encampment. The trees that lined these rivers would help provide protection from the elements as well as firewood for the cold winter months. As it is for us today, deep snow was not the Indianís best friend. This light covering feels to me like itís the seasonís first.Ē

Gilleon was the 2009 Jackson Hole Arts Festivalís Featured Artist and had an exhibition at Jacksonís Altamira Fine Art. The Jackson Hole Arts Festival encompasses the seasonís most prestigious shows and auctions, a noteworthy honor.

Early Snow
by Gilleon, R. Tom



Available as an Artist Proof

Available as a Printer's Proof

Image Size:  20" X 20"
Release Date:  10/17/2009