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R. Tom Gilleon is one of a handful of artists that can look back at 2009 as a year that all the hard work and persistence paid dividends. I don’t believe a month passed that an art magazine did not choose him for its cover, run a feature story or review a show. He was the 2009 Jackson Hole Arts Festival’s Feature Artist. In a year that that desirability and potential value drove the art market, owning one of Gilleon’s contemporary western paintings rose to the top of many collectors’ lists.

Of those works, his 60” x 120” paintings like "Tribal Tripartite" disappeared as quickly as he could paint them. While we haven’t published a Fine Art Edition quite that large (yet), at over six feet long and three feet high, our MuseumEdition™ Fine Art Giclée Canvas of "Tribal Tripartite" is perhaps the most significant fine art value in the market today.

To begin with, it is big and beautiful. At, 37” x 74” you are looking at 2,738 square inches of the finest in contemporary art. It is designed, as many contemporary paintings are, to be presented in the gallery wrap format which means no frame cost is required to display the art.

“Tribes on the plains survived by forming alliances, not unlike the nation-states through history,” begins Tom. “The tipi was very universal in nature, as were the ways of the Plains Indians’ lives. You’d be hard pressed at a glance to know whether one or multiple tribes were present in a village and sometimes something as minor as an entrance flap representing the style of one tribe as opposed to another was needed to determine it. 'Tribal Tripartite' is as much about the shared necessities and influences of Plains’ life as it is color and design.”

Tribal Tripartite
by Gilleon, R. Tom



Available as an Artist Proof

Available as a Printer's Proof

Image Size:  34" X 17"
Release Date:  2/20/2010