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The last glimmers of light radiate over the Plains as the sun descends below the western horizon. As is common with this time of day, the winds have died down and a becalmed silence envelopes this serene winter landscape.

A skirt high layer of snow and a lack of fresh footprints around this Indian lodge, however, tell the tale of a blustery, snow filled day. “The lower portion of a tipi had a liner that helped to insulate the interior,” relates Tom Gilleon. “Fresh snow would often melt on contact with the upper portion, but could gather ‘skirt high’ on the lower portion where the liner separated it from the warm interior.

“I like the sense of isolationism this lone tipi set against a winter’s landscape gives. If you live out west, the idea that at any given time you find yourself quickly and easily cut off from the rest of the world is something you live with. Edward Hopper always did a wonderful job capturing that in his work.”

Certainly Tom Gilleon is one of the most important painters of contemporary western art today and "Robed in White" is an exceptional painting within an already impressive body of work. Order before this Fine Art Canvas Sells Out, too.

Robed in White
by Gilleon, R. Tom



Available as an Artist Proof

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Image Size:  24" X 20"
Release Date:  1/14/2012