Greenwich Workshop

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“There’s nothing like sitting by the fire with your loyal dog curled up at your feet, for real sense that all is right with the world. Did you ever notice that goldens can lie in the snow with their faces buried, yet they never seem to get cold? Then they come into the house and lie so close to the flames you think they’re going to catch fire. Neither extreme seems to affect them and that’s why I placed this golden so close to the fireplace.

“I set the scene in my father-in-law’s barn workshop. He was an excellent carver of duck decoys. They recently sold off the old homestead but I still have fond memories of his incredible workshop, which was filled with his beautiful work. So the fireplace in this image is the Ben Franklin stove from the barn.”

by Weiss, John

Available as a S/N Edition
From the Publisher's Collection

Image Size:  23 " X 15 1/2 "
Release Date:  2/28/1993