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A Letter from Our Publisher

Wait until you see what I’ve been working on … is one of our favorite phrases to hear from an artist. Just through the tone of their voice over the phone, you can tell that there is an ear to ear grin on their face. For
the past few years, it seems like every time I speak with Bonnie Marris, that’s how our conversation begins.

Certainly, it was that way with Morning Run. To begin with, the painting is the largest work Bonnie has ever created. At an impressive seven feet by five feet, the herd of wild horses racing towards you at full
speed seems a moment away from running off the canvas. I was told that when the original was unveiled at Trailside Galleries in Scottsdale the sense of this was so strong that (subconsciously) patrons gathered in front of the work, never turning their backs to it.

While the size of the work helps deliver the image’s visceral impact, in lesser hands the vast size could cause the painting to simply not work at all.

First, an artist really hangs out their technical capabilities at these dimensions. Flaws in concept, design and execution are magnified by the sheer size of the work. And, because of the breadth of the work, the artist has to take into account that it is viewed differently than something at 20" x 16". The scale, in and of itself, calls for a modification of the original concept so that it “works” in its final form.

Secondly, the passion and knowledge an artist has for the subject is easily scrutinized. If, as an artist, you do not live, love and breathe the subject matter, at this magnitude it becomes as apparent as a neon sign at night . A member of the Greenwich Workshop Family since 1985, Bonnie’s enthusiastic devotion to capturing the wild spirit of nature has been one of her most defining qualities.

For our Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions we had no choice but to create this work in MuseumEdition™ and MasterWork™ formats. What a wonderful “problem” to have! These oversize art
formats allow collectors to enjoy the primal impact of Bonnie’s original work. Morning Run will be the centerpiece of any room it adorns.

In addition,The Greenwich Workshop welcomes sculptor Gary Price to our Family of Artists with this issue of Catalogue. Take a good look at John Weiss’ A Big Fish Story, it is perhaps one of his finest executed paintings we’ve ever had the pleasure of producing. In fact, every artist in this, our first Catalogue of 2007, shows why they are the most sought-after group of artists any publishing house has had the honor to work with!

Scott Usher
Publisher and President

Make a Big Statement with Grand Scale Artwork

The Greenwich Workshop offers several large-scale editions that make bold, sweeping
statements. A MasterWork™ or MuseumEdition™ makes an impressive addition to any space. Our Fine Art MasterWorks™ are images measuring over 40 inches in at least one dimension. The MuseumEditions™ measure over 60 inches in at least one dimension. Hanging smaller canvases in the same space would not produce the same magnificent window-on-the-world effect. With images to please every taste and style, these grand scale pieces complement any decor and give a sense of proportion to the larger spaces in your home and office.

Greenwich Workshop MasterWork™ and MuseumEditions™ allow the collector to experience the artist’s work with the same magnitude as viewing the original. MasterWork™ and MuseumEditions™ have been produced from the original artwork of several of The Greenwich Workshop’s illustrious family of artists.

Morning Run

by Bonnie Marris

What separates Bonnie Marris from other wildlife artists is not only her devoted treatment of her animal subjects, but her meticulous attention to the scenery that frames them.The landscape acts as a muted but lovely secondary subject in Marris’ dynamic wildlife paintings.The horses in Morning Run are the embodiment of freedom, pounding forward, needing only to run.

The personality of each horse and their motion can be clearly seen: the strong second-in-command, just behind the leader, jockeying for position; the skittish and focused chestnut; and the haughty, almost balletic grays at the borders of the group. Considered individually, the horses are magnificent; but as Bonnie Marris paints them, as a herd in motion, they are breathtaking.

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