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Steller Autumn

by Stephen Lyman

Artist Stephen Lyman was well known for his epic landscape paintings featuring mountain ranges, broad rivers and valleys and often the wildlife that make their home in each terrain. Steller Autumn is an intimate portrait of one landscape (a tree) and its inhabitants, Steller’s Jays.

In order to capture the intricate details of the scene, Stephen concentrated on one area of a maple tree.The Steller’s Jays are seated contentedly among the glowing maple leaves. As the dark boughs spread upward and outward, the golden leaves and a handful of sky-blue birds remain, imbuing the painting with a sense of closeness and comfort.Artist Stephen Lyman specialized in painting the most elusive moments in nature and no piece better showcases his abilities than Steller Autumn.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Anniversary Giclée Canvas:

Order period ends June 30, 2007.
Edition not to exceed 200.
Signed by Andrea Lyman.
42"w x 19"h (unstretched).
$975 | $1115 CDN | £630
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Arriving January 2007


Crossing Paths

by Rod Frederick

No two animals personify the spirit of the North American wilderness better than the wolf and the bear. While few of us will ever chance upon either in our backwoods excursions, the knowledge that they exist is what truly makes the wilderness wild. In this beautiful diptych, artist Rod Frederick portrays an unexpected meeting of these wilderness icons deep in a Pacific Northwest rain forest. The sudden opportunity for these ranging wolves is an abrupt peril for this sow and her cubs. Do her ferocious motherly instincts present the potential of enough pain and suffering for this pack to move on or has it been too long since their last meal? While each panel of this diptych would stand alone as a work of art unto itself, together they create a story filled with the expanse of the wilderness and the drama of the wild.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas Diptych:
limited to 75 s/n.
Each: 31"w x 18"h.
$1250 | $1430 CDN | £810

Arriving March 2007