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Angels of My Village

by James C. Christensen

While traveling in Umbria last summer, artist James Christensen was inspired by the unique architecture of the region, the “piled and stacked buildings” of the hill towns. He filled his sketchbooks with Italian landscapes and cityscapes such as the one found in his newest piece, Angels of My Village. The illuminated landscape and hand-layered gold leaf of the painting call to mind the angels found in medieval manuscripts.

“In my mind,” says Jim, “it was kind of a thank-you painting for the feelings that we’re not alone. I think we need to remember that we do have angels watching over us. Even if you live in New York City, you have your village. I know every single person within three blocks of me. We help one another and are the angels for one another. We are the angels of our villages.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Papier en Metal Print:
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14 1/4"w x 13 1/2"h.
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Arriving in January 2007


The Beggar Princess and the Magic Rose

by James C. Christensen

A beautiful young woman in tattered finery stands in a dark castle hall, holding a wilting rose as its petals shed flakes of gold. The elements of the story seem familiar enough—a princess, a flower, a ruined castle—but the story itself is nowhere to be found in our childhood memories of fairy tales.The reason? There is no story … yet.

The Beggar Princess and the Magic Rose exemplifies what artist James Christensen feels is “… so great about art: the viewer can contribute to the magic by making up their own story.” While the trappings of the tale are well-worn, the tale of the beggar princess itself is yet unwritten. How long has she walked these castle paths? Is the bloom of the rose tied somehow to her freedom? Is she even trapped? Both the history and the fate of the young beggar princess lie in the imagination of the beholder. The Beggar Princess and the Magic Rose offers us the ultimate fairy-tale opportunity: to ride to the rescue and save the princess.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 650 s/n.
10" w x 18" h.
$395 | $450 CDN | £260
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Arriving in March 2007

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