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From the Publisher

es•sen•tial (\i-´sen-sh l\)
1. Absolutely necessary; indispensible
2. Pertaining to or constituting the essence of a thing

Now, more than ever, is the time to surround yourself with those things in which you find inspiration: family, tradition, youth, beauty, wonder, ancient times, far-away lands, the wilderness and the wild. For centuries, fine art has been one of the greatest sources of inspiration known to man. Fine art brings both stimulation and comfort into your home. In complicated times, an investment in motivating the soul is an essential choice.
Fine art not only renews the soul, but it renews space as well. It’s time to fall in love with your home again because the chances are you’ll be spending more time in it than you thought. A single piece of art can upgrade an entire room, turn a wall into an expression of personal values or create a refuge of beauty and imagination. The return on a single piece of art far outweighs the sum of its parts.

And, there is value. Fine Art Editions from the Greenwich Workshop and our Family of Artists are recognized as the finest editions being offered today. Our program parallels the success of the artists’ original art careers and focuses on the long term relevance of the art over short-term fashion. Possessing the best, assurance of quality, fidelity and rarity are the tangible benefits of owning our Fine Art Editions.

Our first Catalogue of 2009 is full of inspiration, renewal and value. We introduce Gary Ernest Smith to our Family of Artists, renowned for his contemporary depictions of rural America. The award winners from last November’s SmallWorks™ North America 2008 make their debut as fine art editions, including Gold Medal winner Daniel Smith’s
Duma. Bev Doolittle’s debut SmallWorks™ is also her first-ever fine art paper giclée, Spring Break.

Take note of James Christensen’s
Outside the Box , the other cover candidate for this issue. Its message of hope, opportunity and empowerment personifies the inspirational quality of art we talked about at the outset of this little letter. And be sure to take in the play of light and expression on the hunchback’s face.

If you haven’t had to chance to do so recently, take the time to stop by the Authorized Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Dealer that sent you this Catalogue. There you’ll have the chance to see these and many other fine works of art in full and living color and feel the impact a little fine art can have on your day.

Scott Usher
Publisher and President

Spring Break

by Bev Doolittle®

"The play-load for this little guy IS . . . JUST . . . TOO . . . HIGH. Being a newborn, he rockets through the day until his physical capacity hits the proverbial wall.  In this case: until he finally takes a
Spring Break." - Bev Doolittle

It’s hard work being a foal. First off, after you are born, you don’t even get a meal until you stand. Those legs you have to stand on can be nearly 90% the size of those on a full grown horse. You need those big legs because every day they have to support the additional two to three pounds you’ve grown everyday. Then, of course, one has play. It’s a big beautiful world you’ve been born into and, heck, they don’t call it “horsin’ around” for nothing. Spring is in the air. There are the other colts and fillies  to impress, food to eat, mares to trot beside, more food, dirt to roll in, maybe a snack, bugs everywhere, more food and so on. Every now and then it does one good to drop down into the closest patch of green grass and spring blossoms and grab a little siesta. After all, it’s hard work being a foal.

Bev Doolittle’s Spring Break is her first Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition Giclée on Paper. As a SmallWorks™, it’s accessible size and price make it the perfect Valentine’s gift for that special Doolittle collector or horse lover.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art SmallWorks™ Giclée on Paper:
limited to 1500 s/n.
10"w x 8"h.
Ask About Availability

Arriving February 2009
Limited Availability!

The Greenwich Workshop
is North America’s leading publisher of fine art editions from today’s most sought-after artists. Available only through a network of Authorized Fine Art Dealers in the United States, Canada and the U.K. We have been enriching lives through art since 1972.

The Greenwich Workshop
151 Main St. Seymour, CT 06483
203-881-3336 or 800-243-4246

The Greenwich Workshop Catalogue is a showcase of the latest releases from our family of artists. Catalogue also features previous releases from artists, but represents only a small portion of our complete fine art collection. To view the entire Greenwich Workshop Fine Art collection, visit:

Fine Art Limited Edition information:
Each release appearing in Catalogue is accompanied by its Fine Art information. Here is a sample with definitions:

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n. 19"w x 24"h.

Canvas is the type of Fine Art Edition. Each canvas is accompanied by a brass title plate except SmallWorks™.

s/n signed by the artist and consecutively numbered (unless otherwise noted).

Sizes (w x h) listed in Fine Art information are the width and height dimensions of the image area.

Prices shown are in U.S. dollars.

For more information on fine art editions, visit our FAQ page.

Detail Galleries
Throughout Catalogue you will see groupings of artist’s images in color bars at the bottom of their respective pages. These are generally small details of larger images. Visit the web address provided to see an artist’s entire portfolio.




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