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In Pursuit of the White Buffalo

by Frank C. McCarthy

Sioux hunters pursue a rare white buffalo, its robe considered “big medicine” to be passed reverently from generation to generation and could command the price of 10 to 15 horses. Estimates based on hide trader’s records indicate that a white bison occurred only once in every five million animals. Plains Indians trained their best horses to hunt buffalo. But the white buffalo was elusive, often seeming to be sheltered by the rest of the herd as if the others had an instinctive sense that its color made it somehow special. These Sioux hunters may be close but the outcome is far from certain.

Anniversary Edition™
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 and numbered.
34"w x 20"h.
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Also by Frank C. McCarthy

Watching the Wagons

by Frank C. McCarthy


New Sounds in an Ancient Canyon

by William S. Phillips

Phillips’ passion for aviation is second only to his infatuation with the American experience and the impact that the land, its people, its history and its values have upon one another. This is what he calls he American Landscape, paintings about a time, a place and the course of American events.

The Grand Canyon is the iconic American landscape. For millennia, the only sounds heard in the Canyon were those of the elements and all things wild. As man arrived the sounds of early domestication could, only faintly, be heard. By the late 1800s, outfits such as Wellington Starky’s Diamond Bar Ranch heralded the news that cattle was king, even in the Grand Canyon.

In 1919, man took to the skies over the Canyon for the first time. A mere nine years later, Grand Canyon Airlines was taking tourists on scenic flights in Ford Tri-Motors such as this one, bouncing the drone of radial engines from ancient rim to ancient rim. Flights such as this confirmed that as yet another era neared its end in the Canyon, a new one had begun as the crown jewel of the American Landscape.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n.
22"w x 30"h.

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