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A Walk in the Woods

by Stephen Lyman

The bulk and majesty of a solitary bull (male) moose moves deliberately through a forest of aspen. He appears and disappears as he weaves through the trees in deep snow. The mating season completed, this bull will drop his antlers soon in order to conserve energy for the winter. A new set of antlers will grow in the spring. The moose and the American aspen are native to much of the same North American territory. A Walk in the Woods is an iconic Stephen Lyman image: a spectacular wildlife subject, ensconced in its habitat.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 and signed by Andrea Lyman.
28"w x 19"h.
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Arriving March 2009

Also by Stephen Lyman...

Lake of the Shining Rocks

by Stephen Lyman
MasterWork™ Anniversary Edition Canvas


The Art of Judy Larson®

Artist Judy Larson’s unique artistic signatures are her meticulous scratchboard technique and use of camouflage. With her dedication to the natural environment and aptitude for detail, it’s not surprising that Larson would choose scratchboard, an artistic medium with historic roots and one that demands exacting skill. Most of her paintings have a layer of concealed imagery that, once found, offers a clue to a deeper understanding of the species or a story about the specific animal. Larson’s art becomes more collectible by the year. Exposure through exhibitions like the Celebration of Western Art Show and Sale and organizations such as the Society of Animal Artists and the Artists for Conservation Foundation has brought her further audience and acclaim.

The Spirit Within
Many of Larson’s paintings contain a hidden image. To see images hidden within Larson paintings visit:


Eagle's Gift

by Judy Larson®

Ebenezer and
the War Horse

by Judy Larson®
Canvas | Print

The Defiant

by Judy Larson®
Canvas | Print

The Ghost Wind

by Judy Larson®
Canvas | Print

The Misfits

by Judy Larson®
Canvas | Print





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