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Bowl of Oats

by Morgan Weistling

“There are two different stories to tell about
Bowl of Oats,” begins Morgan. “The first is that even though I may not paint as many paintings of boys as I do girls, most of my paintings of children come about in the same fashion.  In this case, I put a cup of milk and a bowl of oatmeal out in front of a little boy who is about a year and half old. As a parent myself, I have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen. How that comes about is entirely up to the child. For me, what they do is simply a matter of nature.”

“Second, one of the things that I have become highly aware of as an artist is how completely natural these children are about their hands and what great poses you end up with as a result. Adults can be downright weird about them. If I asked you to pose for me right now, where your hands ended up and how you positioned them would be a very self-conscious and unnatural process. Kid’s hands end up exactly where they should be, even when they are not covered in oatmeal.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n.
20”w x 15”h.

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Montgomery Frames shown
in print version of Catalogue.
(Framing not included.)


Also by Morgan Weistling

by Morgan Weistling



The Road Less Traveled

by Steve Hanks

“I find those straight, long roads that transverse the barrenness of nowhere so intriguing. Who lives out there, what do they do? Imagine having grown up in one of those small Midwestern towns and what it is like to decide it is time to leave that small-town life behind?” asks Steve Hanks. “I think we all want to believe we would take the road less traveled, but are we prepared for the inclement weather or the time that may pass before opportunity offers us a ride? Certainly, this girl radiates inner confidence and everything about her, right down to her off-beat clothes, represents one who would choose to take the road less traveled.”

One of the unique qualities of this work is that that the original was a watercolor painted on Clayboard®. The paints sit on top of the Clayboard® surface rather than being absorbed into it as it does with traditional watercolor paper. The sharper color this creates comes alive all the more when varnished, a technique watercolorists don’t have the chance to employ. 

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 50 s/n.
37"w x 25"h (unstretched).

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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Print:
limited to 150 s/n.
24”w x 16 1/4”h.

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Figures in Light by Steve Hanks:
A Special Collection of Figurative Nudes

Discerning collectors will appreciate these signed and numbered limited edition Fine Art Giclée Canvases of the human form. Hanks’ exceptional technique makes watercolor the perfect medium for this subject.




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