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Publisher's Letter

Concept, Vision, Story: The Greenwich Workshop Difference

We are, each of us, angels with only one wing.
And we can only fly by embracing one another.

- Luciano de Crescenzo

The creation of a James C. Christensen bronze is a rare and eagerly anticipated event. In our twenty year relationship with James, Sleeper, Lost in Dreams represents only the fifth time the elements of concept,
vision and story have met our criteria for working in this medium.

The story represents the potential for an emotional relationship between the collector and the art. The more personal a story is to the viewer’s own life, the more intense the bond.The most successful bond comes when it doesn’t matter what the artist intended when they created the piece, rather by simply looking at the art, a story of your own unfolds around it.

The vision must meet a function beyond the art itself. A MasterWork™ or MuseumEdition™, by their sheer size, fill and impact large spaces with drama; canvas Fine Art Editions, framed without glass, feel so like originals, and so on. One of our favorites is the ability of a work to stop people in their tracks and make them think.You invest in a fine art purchase because it’s about more than matching the colors on your couch and blending into the background. It’s about provoking a response.

The concept is where we employ our “special effects.” It is what makes something uniquely Christensen (or from any of our family of artists) and employs The Greenwich Workshop Difference. It is a visible, discernable difference between what we and others create. Our difference is in a presentation and inherent quality seen by simply viewing the art and upon even deeper examination, that makes you aware that you possess the best.

In this issue we welcome Mian Situ to the Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists, who is featured on pages 22-23 of this issue. Mian Situ’s paintings more than fill the Greenwich bill of “concept, vision and story,” as do each of the other new releases in this issue. As you look through these pages, we’re certain you’ll discover what we already know, investing in any form of Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions means you will own the best.

Happy Holidays and a Safe, Prosperous New Year

Scott Usher
Publisher and President

Sleeper, Lost in Dreams
by James C. Christensen

“In dreams, it is said that wings represent a release of creative forces, that they give us the ability to understand and transcend the human condition,” Christensen says of Sleeper, Lost in Dreams. “In religion, wings appear on angels, faeries, spirits and demons. In mythology, winged creatures are often messengers of the gods; they are a symbol of freedom and spirituality and a character having one wing is said to be lost in dreams.” Following in the tradition of his previous four bronze sculptures, we present Sleeper, Lost in Dreams. Meticulously crafted and superbly detailed, this sculpture is sure to grace the lives of collectors for generations to come.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture
24"h, 9"w x 9"d base
Weight: Approx. 40 lbs.
Edition size: 100 n.
$6000 | $7300 CDN | £3760 + VAT

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The Art of Bronze Making
From concept to completion, it takes several months to create a bronze edition.
Each sculpture is individually hand made using traditional methods:
• Working from original drawings, James C. Christensen and master craftsmen model the sculpture in clay segments.
• A silicone mold is prepared for wax casting and melted wax is poured into the mold.
• The wax casting is dipped in slurry, a silica compound.
• The slurry shell is heated and the liquid wax burns out leaving a rigid, heat-resistant “master” mold. Molten bronze is then poured into this mold.
• After cooling, the bronze is carefully removed and the segments are soldered together.
• The bronze is hand-sanded and polished and a variety of patinas give subtle colorations to the finished work of art.