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Finding Fish
A Hand-Tinted Original Stone Lithograph by James C. Christensen

Elegant and captivating are the two hallmarks you should expect of any James Christensen Hand-Tinted
Original Stone Lithograph. Finding Fish is an excellent companion to Christensen’s When Faeries Talk
with Fishes
(Sold Out at Publisher). In James’ visual vocabulary, a floating fish connotes the presence of
“magic,” the type of which he leaves for you to define. Stone lithography is considered an original art
form because the image itself is created on the stone before the lithograph is made. Each lithograph of
Finding Fish will be hand-colored by the ubiquitous Magic Fish Studio so each will be slightly different and completely unique.

Greenwich Workshop Original Fine Art Hand Tinted Stone Lithograph:
limited to 150 s/n.
12”w x 16”h.
$775 | $985 CDN | £495 + VAT
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The Gift for Mrs. Claus
by James C. Christensen

Twenty “Twas the Night Before Christmases” ago, we were pleased to bring you our first Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition from a promising young artist named James C. Christensen: The Gift for Mrs. Claus.This holiday season, we commemorate this milestone with a striking Fine Art Anniversary Edition. “One of my favorite traditions of Christmas is making a gift for my wife,” says Christensen. “Whether it is a drawing of one of our children, a fantasy painting, or a stained glass fish to hang in the kitchen window, I know that it will have special meaning for her because I have taken the time to make it.The anticipation of that moment of surprise is as much a part of the joy and excitement as the expression on her face when she actually opens her present. In The Gift for Mrs. Claus, I tried to capture the sense of delightful conspiracy as Father Christmas puts aside a little extra time to prepare a special surprise for his wife.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Anniversary Giclée Canvas:
Order period ends December 15, 2005.
Edition not to exceed 250.
Signed by the artist.
17”w x 17”h.
$425 | $540 CDN | £270 + VAT
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The Pink Ribbon
by James C. Christensen

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 250 s/n.
9"w x 12"h.
$250 $315 CDN £160 + VAT
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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Open Edition Print:
8 1/2"w x 11"h.
$30 | $40 CDN | £20 + VAT
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by James C. Christensen

23-Karat Gold Leaf, hand applied by James C. Christensen’s own Magic Fish Studio, completes the Masterwork™ Canvas of this stunning exploration of the texture, surface and richness of paint. Named for the artist’s newest grandchild, Cecelia, this angel will grace any setting with a sense of delicacy and wonder.This large, vertical canvas is heaven sent for that unique vertical space in your home. The Limited Edition Print is Foil-Enhanced so that it, too, replicates the radiant “halo” effect of Christensen’s original painting. Each edition represents Greenwich Workshop Fine Art at its finest.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclee Canvas with 23-karat Gold Leaf:
limited to 250 s/n.
15"w x 45"h (unstretched).
$995 | $1265 CDN | £635 + VAT
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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Foil-Enhanced Print:
limited to 350 s/n.
8 5/8"w x 26 1/8"h.
$195 | $245 CDN | £125 + VAT
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New England Winter
by Paul Landry

Whether it’s a warm memory of his childhood in Nova Scotia or the simple charm of New England life, artist Paul Landry presents us with his enduring message of hope and home. Landry’s ability to make the peace and happiness of the holiday season last all year long is one of the reasons his winter scenes have long been a staple of the Greenwich Workshop Holiday Catalogue. Each Christmas, Paul has offered his collectors a timeless classic, and this year’s offering, New England Winter, is no exception. No matter where you spend the winter, the simple joys found in this charming snow scene are sure to make your season bright.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n.
23"w x 11"h.
$395 | $500 CDN | £250 + VAT
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A Major Award
by Paul Landry

“It’s... it’s... it’s indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the Fourth of July!”
– The Old Man admiring his "major award"

Last year, artist Paul Landry paid tribute to one of his favorite films, the holiday classic, A Christmas Story.
Inspired by humorist Jean Shepherd’s tale of the holidays in smalltown America, Landry brought to life the magic that has made this film a favorite with fans of all ages.This year, we move in for a close-up of the Parkers’ home on Cleveland Street, focusing on the Old Man’s “Major Award”—a garish lamp in the shape of a woman’s leg.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclee Print:
limited to 250 s/n.
14 5/8"w x 7 1/2"h.
$125 | $160 CDN | £80 + VAT

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Christmas Eve Delivery
by William S. Phillips

Christmas Eve Delivery is the third in William S. Phillips’ “Inns of Christmas Series,” having previously delighted his scores of loyal collectors with Christmas Eve at the Winchester Inn and Winter
Visitors at the Kringle Hill Inn
(both Sold Out at Publisher). This year, Phillips captures the spirit of the season with a heartwarming Christmas Eve tale.

“An unusual Christmas Eve snowstorm has descended upon North Carolina bringing holiday travel to a near standstill,” Phillips explains.“Highways and airports are closed, forcing travelers to find shelter as the roads are cleared. For the fortunate family who has checked into the Fuquay Mineral Spring Inn and Garden, it will prove to be a most wonderful Christmas experience.The Inn’s gracious owners, John and Patty Byrne, knowing their guests disappointment at not spending Christmas Eve with loved ones, have sent for a Christmas tree with all the trimmings to be delivered to their room.A young boy with his faithful friend has volunteered to provide the delivery service in his wagon. After an elegant Christmas Eve dinner and some eggnog and spiced cider with cookies by the fire, our stranded travelers will return to a room decorated with the cheerful glow of a very special Christmas Eve tree.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 250 s/n.
20”w x 15”h.
$450 | $570 CDN | £285 + VAT
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