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No Sign of Hostiles
by John Buxton

With each new Fine Art Limited Edition, John Buxton,“Artist of Our Heritage,” engages a new collector base of history buffs and art lovers alike. Buxton’s detailed historical accuracy and artistic mastery bring the past
to life. In this latest release he portrays the tenuous coexistence between the original inhabitants of this new nation and the encroaching Europeans.

“Although loyalties and friendship did exist between Natives and the new settlers, there were always those
allied to other interests—waiting to do harm,” says Buxton.“No one was exempt from sudden harassment or deadly force, as small raiding groups took advantage of hit and run tactics—striking with surprise.These ambush tactics resulted in quick plunder for the raiders but often death for the settlers, if they were not taken hostage. If enough men could be gathered quickly after such incidents, the raiders could be tracked, and with luck overtaken.This painting shows an attempt to follow, but sign is scarce—isn’t it?”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n. 31"w x 22"h.
$625 | $795 CDN | £400 + VAT
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by Don Crowley

Late afternoon, approaching sundown, is “the magic time” for any painter. When the subject is placed in the hands of Don Crowley, one of the leading western artists working today,“magic” seems too unimpressive a word.The light is just right and the hush upon the hills is palatable. “Ripples,” says Crowley is,“one of those wonderful and beautiful sunset scenes where the only sounds are the horse’s hooves in the water and the staccato cadence of crickets across the pond.”

Known for his precise, detailed realism and often complicated designs, Crowley sits at the apex of many a fine art painter’s and collector’s wish list.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 75 s/n.
20”w x 16”h.
$495 | $630 CDN | £315 + VAT
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Desert Dreams: The Western Art of Don Crowley
by Don Hedgpeth

144 pages
$85 | $120 CDN | £55 + VAT
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Available also as a Collector’s Edition™ Book accompanied by Apache Farewell (shown below)

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n. 28"w x 22"h.
$895 | $1250 CDN | £600 + VAT
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Captured from General Crook's Command
by Howard Terpning

In the early 1880s, Apache raiding parties were always looking for ammunition and military hardware for their never-ending fight against encroaching civilization. After years of being chased and harassed by the U.S. Cavalry, the number of Apache warriors had been greatly reduced and their only means of survival was by raiding and capturing goods from settlers, Sonorans and the military. In this instance, the raiders managed to capture a loaded pack horse and the Apache warrior riding the paint horse snatched a full pair of saddle bags which may also yield ammunition, food and other usable goods. General Crook,
whom the Apaches called “Grey Wolf,”was twice sent to Arizona to subdue the Apache and to force them onto reservations.

These periods of warfare and relative peace stretched from the early 1870s to 1886 when Geronimo finally surrendered.The dramatic action and composition in Howard Terpning’s Captured from General Crook’s Command conveys the Apache’s urgency and desperation.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée MasterWork™ Canvas:
limited to 175 s/n.
51"w x 31"h (unstretched).
$2950 | $3590 CDN | £1850 + VAT
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Chased by the Devil
by Howard Terpning

Three Apaches race to stay ahead of a dust devil, the desert hot-weather whirlwind full of dust and debris.These ethereal pillars of air and dirt have meandered the baked earth since the oceans first receeded.The white man speaks of thermals and explains them in dry meteorological terms, but the Apache knew better. He knew that the devil was inside the whirlwind, and that if you were caught you would soon die. Howard Terpning created a strong feeling of motion to convey the sense of the Apaches galloping their horses as hard as they could, which is emphasized by this awe-inspiring composition.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 350 s/n.
30"w x 37"h (unstretched).
$995 | $1265 CDN | £635 + VAT
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The Art of Howard Terpning
by Elmer Kelton
Hardcover: 160 pages
$60 | $90 CDN | £40

Spirit of the Plains People
by Don Hedgpeth
Hardcover: 180 pages
$85 | $129.95 CDN | £60