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Roar of the Falls
by Frank C. McCarthy

“I had a good time doing this painting,” said Frank McCarthy. “It’s a combination of many forms of Western action. There’s the galloping of the horses, but also the rushing of the water and even the movement of the clouds above.”

Frank McCarthy was often called “the master of Western action” and The Roar of the Falls is evidence of his claim to that title. The painting showcases his artistic strengths in a thrilling image of Sioux warriors surging across Wyoming’s Yellowstone Territory. The dramatic action of the figures is emphasized by the careful setting of shadow and light. The Roar of the Falls is one of McCarthy’s best work and a testimony to the skill of a great artist.

Anniversary Edition
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 125 s/n.
24"w x 36"h.


The Challenge
by Frank C. McCarthy

"The Challenge" shows the start of a confrontation between a Sioux warrior riding upstream and an enemy in the forest up ahead. He waves his coup stick in defiance at the adversary, who remains unseen by the viewer. The coup stick was important in Indian warfare. A coup was like scoring a point in a deadly game of war; if a warrior could touch the enemy with the coup stick it could be more important than if he killed him. McCarthy said, “In painting this scene, I began to think that it would be both interesting and exciting to see just who this unseen adversary is. So, immediately upon finishing 'The Challenge,' I began working on 'Whirling, He Raced to Meet the Challenge.'”

Anniversary Edition
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 77 and signed.
26"w x 17"h.


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