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Bay Skaters

by Paul Landry

When we were children, winter meant one thing: snowy fun. It meant days off from school spent building snowmen, sledding down the tallest, scariest hill in town or stockpiling snowballs for the battle of the year. As adults, we often lose sight of the magic of winter amidst thoughts of shoveling the driveway or frozen water pipes. We forget the simple pleasures of skating on a frozen pond, mitten-in-mitten with a loved one. Paul Landry has not forgotten and Bay Skaters, his newest Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition, celebrates the very best of winter. This classic New England scene will bring good cheer and warm memories all year long.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 75 s/n.
20"w x 13"h.


Joseph's Corner
by Paul Landry

How do you get to a place called "Joseph's Corner?" Well, just stay on the road and you'll come to it, on the right-hand side. You can find fresh milk and eggs, prime meats and even his wife's homemade bread. You'll also find flashlights, cereal, mousetraps, potatoes and candy,. When the time is right, there are garden tools, seeds and some plants that are already started for you. There's feed for your animals, too. Tom will fill up your tank, help carry your groceries and even teach you yo-yo tricks, if you'd like. He's a pro.

Joseph's is a favorite spot and everyone should have such a place to remember

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 350 s/n.
33 3/8"w x 19 7/8"h.


Evening Radiance

by Paul Landry

"The simple beauty and the soft, peaceful glow left by evening showers is truly a gift of nature," Paul says, "and I'm happy to share it with you."

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 150 s/n.
24"w x 16"h.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Print:
limited to 550 s/n.
21"w x 14 1/4"h.




Aunt Martha's Autumn Heirloom
by Paul Landry

Paul Landry fondly remembers his autumn visits to Aunt Martha’s farm and tasting the secret ingredient of her apple pie. “She didn’t live very far from us but it always seemed like a long ride because we couldn’t wait to get there,” recalls Paul. “She had vegetable bins filled to overflowing, baskets of glorious flowers, big pumpkins waiting to be carved and plenty of green and red apples for making pies. But when she baked her apple pie, you had to be quick. They were the perfect blend of sweet and tart and she’d tempt you with warm slices. Who could resist?”

Stopping by a country farm is a rite of the fall season for many people. Paul captures this charming scene as a cool autumn breeze blows in from the fields. Crimson and gold maple leaves, fragrant with the earthy aroma of the season, cascade gently down on the roof of her roadside stand. Published from the artist’s original oil painting.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Canvas:
limited to 250 s/n.
34"w x 21"h.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Print:
limited to 550 s/n.
27"w x 17 1/2"h.


The Captain's Garden:
A Reflective Journey Home Through the Art of Paul Landry

by Paul Landry

Edited by Betty Ballantine
Family and community are praised in these stories and art from New England's favorite floral and maritime painter.
150 full color paintings - 152 pages - Hardcover, jacketed

"Take a refreshing step back in time to the nostalgic shores of Nova Scotia and New England from the comfort of your own easy chair. Experience first hand the warmth of the sun on your face, the sea breeze in your hair, and the tangy sale kissing your lips as it blows in from the seaside locales depicted in Paul Landry's The Captain's Garden." - Today's Senior

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Book:
10"w x 10"h.

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