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Dempsey's Bar 'n' Grill

by Ken Auster

Jack “the Manassa Mauler” Dempsey held the world heavyweight boxing title between 1919 and 1926. He was known for his aggressive punches, colorful personality and exciting fights, many of which broke attendance records. Dempsey’s impressive skills and tenacious attitude secured his place in American history and popular culture. It is Dempsey’s renowned rough-and-tumble style that inspired the setting of Ken Auster’s newest painting, "Dempsey’s Bar ‘n’ Grill." Depicted here, a lone bartender pours out a drink before a mural of George Bellows’ 1909 painting Stag at Sharkey’s. The dynamic scene in the mural provides a contrast to the calm actions of the bartender in the foreground. Artist Ken Auster’s restaurant scenes, including his "Murals I Wished I’d Seen" series, combine the clamor and vivacity of the restaurant business with exuberant brushwork and compelling composition.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 50 s/n.
32"w x 32"h.


Chef Suite

by Ken Auster

Culinary Muses to Inspire Your Cooking

Renowned for his classic surf art and urban street scenes, artist Ken Auster brings his bold and dynamic signature style into the kitchen. His favorite Italian restaurant inspired him to paint chefs. “I’m interested in the light and shadows created by the working chefs, and it allows me to add a storyline to the scene. In addition, restaurants conjure up good times,” Auster says. A charming suite of three canvases to inspire your favorite cook or connoisseur in their own kitchen.

Suite of Three Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Canvases:
limited to 250 s/n.
12"w x 9"h each.



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