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A Word from the Publisher

The Catalogue you're viewing is truly a who's who of fine art editions.To our family of the most
sought-after and collected artists painting today, we have the honor of welcoming Steve Hanks and
Kim Wiggins. Steve Hanks, simply stated, is one of the finest watercolor and figurative painters in the
world. Kim Wiggins' contemporary southwestern landscapes seem to be created by the would-be son
of Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O'Keefe.As we grow, so does your Greenwich Workshop Fine Art
Dealer. Not only are they your local expert in fine art editions and custom framing, but one of the
few authorized locations through which you can buy Greenwich Workshop Fine Art.

We also welcome back Bev Doolittle with two original lithographs, Powers of One and Mining
. It is only natural that the artist who gained such renown for reproductions of her original paintings would return to the arts in the form of original, hand-pulled lithographs.With low edition sizes of
300 and 100 these works of art are highly collectible.The imagery reflects the artist's affinity for the Native
American's spiritual relationship to the land, her love of animals, and her passion for the natural world.
In Powers of One a member of the Bear Clan has called upon the unseen powers of his spiritual
relations as he races towards an encroaching enemy. In this classic Doolittle camouflage image the
forces of the bear imbued in the Indian rise about him as he goes into battle.The Bear Clans were the
guardians, watchers and healers of the people, known for protecting their charges as fiercely as a mother
bear protects her cubs.

As a gardener, Bev is all too familiar with trouble rabbits can cause to a freshly planted flower
bed. Often you don't see them, just the remnants of their last meal. Doolittle encountered the mining
cart one afternoon and was struck by the idea of what a great planter it would make. Put together,
they create the joy of Mining Marigolds.

Scott Usher
Publisher and President

Mining Marigolds

by Bev Doolittle

Greenwich Workshop Original Fine Art Stone Lithograph: (trial proof shown)
limited to 100 s/n. 15"w x 11"h.
$975 | $1175 CDN | £630 | €950
Ask About Availability
Arriving April 2006

Powers of One

by Bev Doolittle

Greenwich Workshop Original Fine Art Lithograph: (trial proof shown)
limited to 300 s/n. 22 1/2"w x 27"h.
$2450 | $2955 CDN | £1590 | €2380
Ask About Availability
Arriving April 2006

To learn more about Bev Doolittle's recent artistic adventures Speaking Through Stones,