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Beyond Negotiations

by Bev Doolittle®

There’s no need for the subtlety of camouflage to enhance the storyline of this painting, for the meaning is clear: the time for talking is over. “Beyond Negotiations is one of a few action pieces that I’ve created,” says the artist. “I had a lot of fun with gestures, facial expressions and creating a sense of depth and dust. Containing the charging Indians within a long horizontal border was not an option.This image sums up the results of all the negotiations leading up to the present moment (whatever they may have been!) The fact that the image is bursting at the seams helps to emphasize the immediacy of the warriors’ obvious negative response to the last proposal.”

At 72" x 26", the original artwork for Beyond Negotiations is not only Bev’s first acrylic painting in over thirty years, but her largest ever.The piece began its life as a stone lithograph, but when Bev saw her sketch enlarged, she knew these warriors were destined to become a big painting.The impact created by the large format of the original translates perfectly to both The Greenwich Workshop MuseumEdition™ and The Greenwich Workshop MasterWork™ canvases.

Beyond Negotiations was originally slated for release as an Original Fine Art Lithograph.The process through which original lithographs are made is an art form rife with chances for things to go wrong, and indeed, something did. In the process of creating the lithograph for Beyond Negotiations, the original drawing surface absorbed too much oil in several areas and subsequently the printed copies did not meet Greenwich Workshop’s standards of quality and the entire run had to be destroyed.To create the original lithograph again would entail starting over. However, in the time she had spent working on the piece, Bev realized that the image would have more impact as a large painting.

Doolittle fans and collectors couldn’t be happier that Bev made the decision that she has, and that her instincts about the image have proved correct. Already, demand for these editions appears to be greater than the edition sizes that have been set. Not since 1984 has a fine art edition of Bev’s been sized below 8,500 pieces, so make sure you get yours before it becomes an issue Beyond Negotiations!

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 350 s/n.
72"w x 26"h (unstretched).
$2950 | $3500 CDN | £1910
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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 3750 s/n.
44"w x 16"h (unstretched).
$795 | $950 CDN | £520
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Arriving June 2007

Make a Big Statement with Grand Scale Artwork

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Greenwich Workshop MasterWork™ and MuseumEditions™ allow the collector to experience the artist’s work with the same magnitude as viewing the original. MasterWork™ and MuseumEditions™ have been produced from the original artwork of several of The Greenwich Workshop’s illustrious family of artists.