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Little Secrets

by Cassandra Barney

In Greek, the word is ornis; in Latin it is avis; and in Hebrew it is mopeth. When translated into English these words each have the same two meanings: “bird” and “omen.” The association of birds with prophecy is a primeval one and can be seen in augury, the ancient art of predicting the future by observing the behavior of birds.

In Little Secrets, a woman is visited by a small bird with a secret trapped in its beak. Whether the woman has just confided in the bird, or is hoping to hear its news, one thing is clear: this bird is not telling.

The subjects of Cassandra Barney’s compelling portraits are instantly recognizable for their grace and their enigmatic gazes and the woman in this painting is no exception. This is one Little Secret you will love to keep.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n.
12"w x 18"h.
$395 | $475 CDN | £260
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Arriving May 2007

Create a Grouping to Enliven Any Décor

Cassandra Barney’s images work well in groupings or vignettes. An arrangement of three or more pulls any room’s décor together and gives it a focal point. Create a sense of serenity in the bedroom. Display a grouping over a living room fireplace to set a warm and inviting conversational tone. Brighten an office or professional space with Barney’s unique images for an added sense of intrigue and interest.




Pirouettes and Pachyderms

by Emily McPhie

"Life, as they say, is not about the destination, but the journey," says artist Emily McPhie. "It's about whimsy, about having fun with life and where it takes you." Both the twirling little girl and the smiling painted elephant in McPhie's debut limited edition print seem to embrace the adventure of a walk with no destination.

Emily McPhie may be a newcomer to the Greenwich Workshop family of artists, but she is no stranger to artistic families-both her father, James C. Christensen, and her sister, Cassandra Barney, are celebrated artists with The Greenwich Workshop.

Emily received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in painting. She lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband Gavin and their three daughters. "Motherhood has brought out some pretty strong emotions and ideas," says McPhie. "Translating those thoughts and emotions into images gives me clarity, and I find I want to document them before my perception changes." McPhie is definitely an artist to watch, and Pirouettes and Pachyderms will make a wonderful start to your collection.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n.
15"w x 20"h.
$495 | $545 CDN | £300
Ask About Availability

Arriving June 2007


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