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Westbound: A Date with the General

by William S. Phillips

“When we get to Chunking, I’m going to give you all a party that you won’t forget,” Lt. Colonel James Doolittle promised the sixteen B-25 crews aboard the USS Hornet a few days before their historic air raid on Japan. By late afternoon on April 18, 1942 the relative safety of the China coast was all that Lt. Donald G. Smith’s crew had on their minds.The fifteenth aircraft (# 40-2267) to leave the carrier’s deck had bombed its targets in Kobe, Japan, but the crewmen knew they’d never make it to their designated landing strip on the Chinese mainland. Lt. Smith was forced to abandon his bomber off an island on the Chinese coast near Sangchow. All of Aircraft 15’s crew would eventually make their way to Chunking, but sixteen other Doolittle’s Raiders would not. When the last Raider makes his final flight westward into the days fading light, the legend goes, he will be greeted by his fellow Raiders and General Doolittle and they will have a party never to be forgotten.

The Greenwich Workshop previously published limited editions of artist Bill Phillips’ first work in the series, The Giant Begins to Stir (co-signed by surviving Doolittle Raiders), as well as I Could Never Be So Lucky Again (co-signed by Jimmy Doolittle) and Evasive Action at Sagami Bay, (co-signed by surviving Doolittle Raiders).

Bill Phillips’ father, a character actor in Los Angeles in the 1940s and ’50s, portrayed Lt. Don Smith in the film 30 Seconds Over Tokyo. Some of his other films included Dive Bomber and A Yank in Korea.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas
Countersigned by Surviving Doolittle Raiders:

limited to 200 s/n.
30"w x 35"h.
$1295 | $1560 CDN | £840
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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Print
Countersigned by Surviving Doolittle Raiders:

limited to 300 s/n.
22"w x 25 11/16"h (unstretched).
$550 | $665 CDN | £360
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Arriving June 2007

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