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Cowboy Fishin' Boots

by Nelson Boren

In the dusty, sun-baked lands of the West, water is scarce and large bodies of water are even scarcer. The harsh rays of the sun drain the color from the landscape, drying up vegetation and inhabitants alike—but one cowboy will not surrender. He leans casually against a doorframe, showing off the vibrant blue water and leaping yellow fish on his Cowboy Fishin’ Boots.

Artist Nelson Boren’s portraits of cowboys take their inspiration from the sweeping landscapes of the West and then hone in on the little details that comprise a cowboy’s life. His detailed studies of the trappings of the trade impart a romance and a gentle humor to what is commonly depicted as a hard and lonely existence.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée on Paper:
limited to 30 s/n.
21 1/2"w x 21 3/4"h.
$595 | $720 CDN | £390
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Arriving May 2007

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Today we will look our best,
...And you will take me where I want to go,
...Tomorrow they will tell stories of our deeds!

by Bob Coronato

When Spanish explorers came to the land that would become America, they brought horses with them clad in armored masks. Native Americans soon adapted the mask for their own horses, influenced by visions and decorated with motifs of hail, thunder and lightning. The symbolic armor adorned with these symbols of power could transform the horse and rider into great warriors with extraordinary abilities and possibly even carry them into the space between this world and the next, where bullets and arrows could not hurt them.

To this day, Plains Indians decorate their horses for ceremony and adorn them with images of power. Bob Coronato was inspired to paint this piece while watching the relay races at Crow Fair. He realized, he says, how much the "horse culture is very much the same today as it was in the past."

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 35 s/n.
29"w x 29"h.
$850 | $1025 CDN | £550
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Arriving April 2007