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Circling the Enemy

by Z. S. Liang

During the mid-nineteenth century, conflict with resident Native Americans intensified as settlers continued their westward expansion. This mixed party of Lakota and Northern Cheyenne warriors stands literally between the West and an approaching convoy of covered wagons. The skies are dark and threatening, emphasizing the imminent expansion and conquest of the Native Americans. They ride out bravely in the setting sun, aware that it may already be too late to preserve their land and their lives. “The physical strength of the horses and the daring of the men,” says Z.S. Liang, “combined with the pounding hooves and war cries, generate a sense of great energy and power in this mounted strike force!”

Those who are fortunate enough to see Z.S. Liang’s work in person are quick to compare him to the great masters of modern Western art, from Frank McCarthy to Howard Terpning. Within the last year alone, the market for both Liang’s originals and limited editions has erupted. Pueblo Street Market, 1920s, his last release from The Greenwich Workshop, was Sold Out at Publisher within thirty days. This is your chance to purchase a spectacular and dynamic work from one of the rising stars of Western art—don’t miss out!

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 35 s/n.
52"w x 33"h (unstretched).
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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 50 s/n.
34"w x 21"h.
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Arriving April 2008

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Pueblo Street Market, 1920s
by Z. S. Liang