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The Coming of the Iron Horse

by Frank C. McCarthy

Of all the innovations of the nineteenth century, none changed the landscape of the American West more than the steam locomotive. A monument to speed, industry and westward expansion, the locomotive charged across the landscape, changing the face of frontier life forever, but it did not happen overnight. Past and present collided in the prairies and plains, as workers laying tracks for the trains met with resistance from local wildlife. Even the mighty locomotive engine itself, with all its power and might, occasionally ran into the unstoppable force of nature.

“Huge migrating herds of buffalo could stall a train for hours,” said Frank McCarthy. “For sport, travelers sometimes took potshots at them from the cars while they waited for the procession to pass.” It would not
be long before progress and professional hide hunters rendered the threat of buffalo on train tracks nearly extinct.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Anniversary Edition Giclée Canvas:
not to exceed 75 and numbered.
28"w x 22"h.
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Arriving June 2008

The Taunt

by Frank C. McCarthy

In his long and storied career, Frank McCarthy earned renown for many things—his attention to detail, his insistence on historical accuracy, his first-rate storytelling ability—but none were more celebrated than his eye for design. “The Dean of Western Action,” as he came to be known, brought from his early days as a commercial illustrator an understanding of visual design that makes his action-packed paintings the finest of their type.

In The Taunt, a band of Plains warriors races across the prairie with their opponents in hot pursuit. The frenetic action of the story is made infinitely more exciting by McCarthy’s compelling design, which leads the viewer’s eye through the painting like a hawk tracking a hare. Any serious collector of Western art cannot consider their collection complete if it does not contain a McCarthy, who is truly an original American master!

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 and numbered.
14"w x 28"h.
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The Pawnee
by James Bama

James Bama has derived a great deal of joy from the friendships he has developed with many of the Native American subjects of his portraits. Years ago, he discovered that on a personal level, they are often very different from the confrontational image they often project. For example, Wes Studi, a full-blooded Cherokee, established an impressive screen-acting career with his intense portrayals of a Pawnee war-party leader in Dances with Wolves and as the vengeful Magua in The Last of the Mohicans, yet Bama found him genial and obliging. During their visits to the Bama home, Studi and his children often spent happy hours playing basketball with the artist and his son.The cultural gap was bridged as two fathers enjoyed time with their children.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 125 s/n.
15"w x 19"h.
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Arriving May 2008