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Cabernet Sauvignon
by June Carey

June Carey was a Greenwich Workshop artist featured at the Autry National Center’s 2008 Masters of the American West Exhibition and Sale. She also participated in 2005, 2006 and 2007, making this her fourth year in the show. Carey’s landscapes often focus on the nurtured beauty of the earth, where time, man and the elements combine to delineate and define the nature of a place.

“After the busy harvest time in the Alexander Valley, the days get shorter,” says artist June Carey,”and the cool, crisp air and autumn rains bring rich color to the vines and new green grass between the rows. I feel it is a time for the vineyards to show off after a long season of hard work. The Alexander Valley has been recognized as a premium grape growing region since the late 1800’s.This area in North Sonoma County is known for its superior
Cabernet Sauvignon.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 75 s/n.
54"w x 27"h (unstretched).
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Arriving April 2008

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Alexander Valley Winery
by June Carey

MasterWork™ Canvas | Canvas


Evening Star

by Stephen Lyman

The planet Venus (also known as the evening star) has inspired poets, painters and dreamers for millenia. As the sun sinks below the pink horizon, it appears, a sentinel to warn travelers to find a place to bed down for the night. This idyllic scene is part of Lyman’s campfire series, which also includes Warmed by the View, Fire Dance and Embers at Dawn, all of which are Sold Out at Publisher.

Anniversary Edition
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

Edition not to exceed 200 signed by Andrea Lyman and numbered.
17"w x 22"h.
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Arriving June 2008

Also by Stephen Lyman...

Dance of Cloud and Cliff
by Stephen Lyman

Anniversary Edition MasterWork™ Canvas