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Children on La Jolla Shores

by Steve Hanks

As we grow older our perspective broadens and nowhere is this more obvious than with children. And, as is so often the case with a painting by Steve Hanks, the beauty and seeming simplicity of the work gives no hint of the complexity beneath. Each child interacts with the beach as they do the world. The youngest boy in the back is focused on his older sister.
The third, grasping some seaweed makes the connection between it and the ocean from which it came. The oldest stares down the beach toward a group of surfers, the opening of the next phase of life beyond the immediate family.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n.
31"w x 10"h.
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Also by Steve Hanks

Scenic View

by Steve Hanks



Chasing the Daylight

by William S. Phillips

“My interest in the Daylight was sparked as a young boy,” says the artist, “when my parents took me down to the Sepulveda Boulevard crossing in Los Angeles to watch the train, arriving from San Francisco, roar by. It was a magnificent sight, with a full head of steam up and the late afternoon sun glinting off its sparkling surface.

“I enjoy trains and ride them every chance I get and on one such trip, I watched as a small speck in the sky turned out to be an N2S-2 Stearman―a biplane produced for the Naval Air Training Command. I promised myself I would capture the scene on canvas one day.”

Pilots without instruments can drop low to follow the “iron compass” for directional guidance when storm clouds block visibility. These two U.S. Navy trainees can’t resist the adrenaline rush of pitting their
winged racers against the speeding steam engine.

Anniversary Edition
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

edition not to exceed 150 s/n.
40"w x 20"h (unstretched).
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Also by William S. Phillips

New Sounds in an Ancient Canyon

by William S. Phillips




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