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The Greenwich Quality Assurance

If you want people to believe what you say, put your money where your mouth is. Or, as is the case with Bev Doolittle’s Original Fine Art Lithograph Beyond Negotiations be prepared to sacrifice revenue to protect
your promise of Quality.

The process through which original lithographs are created is extremely delicate in nature.There is no painted original to photograph and reproduce from; the drawing on the stone or plate wears down and nearly disappears during the inking process; there is a delicate balance between water and oil that allows the inking process to work. Basically, it is an art form which is ripe for something to go wrong.

Well, something went wrong in the process of creating Beyond Negotiations. More specifically, something came in contact with a portion of the plate (a stone was not used because of the size of the image). This
left an oily residue that in the inking process attracted the inks in a way the design did not call for. It looked and felt like a mistake and we were unable to correct it. The trial proof image in our September Catalogue on pages 46-47 and our promotional material was shot from one of only four trial proofs that made it through the process intact.

Because there is no original, going back to the printer and ordering another run was not an option. The hand-pulling process wore down Bev’s drawing on the plate; there is not enough left for us to work with. The Greenwich Workshop Original Fine Art Lithograph Beyond Negotiations as advertised in Catalogue and in earlier e-communications does not and will not meet the quality standards we have set for our Fine Art program and the image will not be released.

There are two points we’d like to drive home to our collectors with this. First, revenue takes a back seat to the fidelity and quality of our fine art. If the art does not meet our or our artists’ standard of perfection, it will not be offered for sale. This is the Greenwich Quality Assurance. Second, Original Fine Art Lithographs are as unique and special as we have attempted to communicate; there are no second chances.

Now for the real lemonade we’ve made of this lemon. Bev spent a fairly long time working on the piece. After a while she started thinking that the image really would have made a pretty neat painting. Having committed to the idea of an Original Lithograph, she put the thoughts aside and completed her drawing.
Well, one thing having led to another Bev now has that opportunity to create a painting of Beyond Negotiations and is going to do just that, create it as a painting. All we have available to show at press time is a study for the work, but if everything goes well, you can expect Bev Doolittle’s first Fine Art Giclée Canvas to be offered soon.

Scott Usher
Publisher and President

Sneak Peek
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for further details.

Shoshone Switchback

by Bev Doolittle

“The Shoshone are often referred to as the ‘Snake Indians’ because of their proximity to the Snake River, although their name actually translates more directly to ‘The Valley People,’” says Bev Doolittle. “From a place called ‘Warm Valley’ (part of what today is the Wind River Indian Reservation), war and hunting parties would climb up into mountains. I know from my own riding that a group of riders ascending a switchback often resemble a snake scrambling a hillside. The parallel of a ‘snake climbing out of a valley’ was too fun to ignore. I even placed a snake hieroglyphic in the painting to further identify the tribe.”

Greenwich Workshop Original Fine Art Stone Lithograph:
limited to 225 s/n.
11"w x 15"h.
$1200 | $1375 CDN | £780 | €1170
Ask About Availability

Arriving October 2006