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Woodland Warrior

by Z.S. Liang

Years ago, Z. S. Liang found himself at the Plimoth Plantation and Wampanoag Homesite in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Wampanoag men and women Liang befriended there educated him in the history and ways of their people, an experience he would later describe as “invaluable.”

“I feel so fortunate to be invited to participate in the community. It was the best introduction to Native Americans I could have had.”

In addition to teaching Liang about the customs of their people, the men and women at the Wampanoag Homesite were happy to model for him in their traditional dress as they went about their daily business. The young warrior in the painting, with his turtle-shell medicine bag and wooden war cup, is defending his home against intruders.To this day, theWampanoag people must defend themselves and their property from further encroachment, both in court and at home.“I paint these people to raise awareness about their bravery and their troubles. I hope that my art can somehow repay them for the kindnesses they did for me.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 35 s/n.
27"w x 36"h.
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