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BIG: The 50 Greatest World Record Catches
Collector's Edition
by Flick Ford

Commission Your Own Flick Ford Painting!
This extremely limited Collector’s Edition, signed by the artist and author, is lettered A through Z and comes in a custom made slipcase of the finest book cloth with a letterpress label. Commission your own original watercolor of a fish from either of Flick Ford’s books, his 2006
FISH: 77 Great Fish of North America or BIG:The 50 Greatest World Record Catches and your personally commissioned Collector’s Edition book and original painting will ship within 2-3 weeks. Only 26 people will ever own this Flick Ford Collector’s Edition. Talk to your Greenwich Workshop Authorized Dealer about your personal commission.

BIG:The 50 Greatest World Record Catches is the first-ever illustrated book about the top 50 world record game fish catches. Flick Ford—acclaimed—“Audubon” painter of fish—has created spectacular reconstructions of actual world record catches, many never-before-seen in living color. Author Mike Rivkin, International Game Fish Association’s historian, tells the stories behind each of the 50 top catches. Who, what, where, bait, boat, tackle plus the history of record keeping, conservation, IGFA certification and summary of endangered species.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Collector's Edition:
BIG:The 50 Greatest World Record Catches
Paintings by Flick Ford
Text by Mike Rivkin
Introduction by George Reiger
Hardcover, jacketed, slipcased
216 pages, 14” x 11”
limited to 26 signed by the artist and lettered A to Z.
Accompanied by an original, personally commissioned mixed media painting
8” x 13”
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Men and Angels: The Art of James C. Christensen
Collector's Edition
by James C. Christensen

A very few people will own one of only 150 Men and Angels Collector’s Editions.This autographed book comes slipcased in rich burgundy bookcloth with a gold-stamped, leather label, lined in acid-free paper and is accompanied by Little Wings, an original stone lithograph created by artist James C. Christensen especially for the Men and Angels Collector's Edition.

The title page of each volume is signed by both the author and artist and is consecutively numbered to match the stone litho.The discerning collector will treasure the book and lithograph package from this extremely limited edition.

Little Wings

Each of heaven’s angels has her own unique set of wings. Some are grand and gleam in the sunlight reflected off the clouds; some are sleek and graceful; some are a riot of peacock colors. This little angel, new to her own heavenly gifts, seems a bit impatient with the speed of their growth. When will she be able to fly like the others, dancing in the light of heaven? This original stone lithograph was drawn by James C. Christensen, and produced by his long-time collaborator, Master Printer Wayne Kimball.The softly curling lines of Christensen’s impatient angel spring to life with Kimball’s exquisite lithography.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Collector's Edition
Men and Angels: The Art of James C. Christensen
Text by Kate Horowitz
Hardcover, jacketed, slipcased
Over 300 paintings plus sketches.
256 pages, 11 x 14 inches
Accompanied by Little Wings, a stone lithograph, 9” x 12”
limited to 150 s/n.
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