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From the Publisher

Fine art collectors expect a consistence of excellence in vision, quality and reliability over great lengths of time when they invest in the work of America’s top artists. They know to count on the same from a fine art publisher. For nearly 40 years The Greenwich Workshop has delivered on that promise.

The key to this accomplishment is the artists we work with and the quality of the Fine Art Editions we create. The Greenwich Workshop seeks out artists who exhibit the hallmarks of longevity; aptitude and passion combined with a drive to develop and share these gifts. We work with artists who, through the inspired exploration of a single subject or genre, unveil a larger American experience and generate a collector following that transcends the boundaries of a given genre.

We approach the creation our Fine Art Editions with value, quality and longevity in mind as well. We make certain that the only thing better than owning one of our reproductions would be to own the original painting itself. We invest more on the creation of our editions by using only the best papers, canvases and inks because we craft our editions to last decades. Our production team works hand in hand with the artists to ensure the fidelity of each edition’s color to the original. It takes us longer to produce our Fine Art Editions, but these are the defining differences between a Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition and a simple print.

Any one of our Fine Art Editions costs less than the tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, that the original may cost. Yet we are able to maintain a rarity and exclusivity to possessing them because the number we create is limited. Each is signed by the artist verifying their participation in the creation of and approval of the quality of each and every Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition. The strong presence in secondary-market trading of our recently published giclée canvases, along with the continued demand for the offset-lithographic prints we produced in the 1970s, is a testament to the regard for our Family of Artists and our Fine Art Editions.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions are produced using the same traditional values handed down since the dawn of  fine art print publishing. The collaboration between the creative artist and the artisan publisher produces works at the highest possible level. From the first moment of artistic inspiration to the final signature, each of our Fine Art Editions will become, in the end, a statement about you, something shared with, and noted by, those who come in contact with it.

Scott Usher
Publisher and President

The Oldest Angel
by James C. Christensen

"The idea for this ancient angel came to me completely out of the blue,” says artist James C. Christensen. “He started as a drawing in my sketchbook and he looked like he had been around forever. I imagine him at almost the farthest reaches of eternity. Every night he climbs up that little trail and holds out his candle. You can make up your own story about him. Where is he? Why is he here? Maybe he likes this spot. Maybe he's been up there, watching, since before the beginning of the world.” This classic Christensen angel was originally published in a fine art paper edition eighteen years ago and has been sold out in the market for nearly as long. Much history has passed since then, both personally for the artist and for us as a country and now this oldest of angels seems even more poignant as a symbol of eternal and almost defiant hope. This giclée canvas fine art anniversary edition will not exceed 350 copies so only a select few will own one to enjoy and to pass on to the next generation.

Greenwich Workshop Anniversary Edition Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
edition not to exceed 350 s/n.
13"w x 17"h.

Also by James C. Christensen

by James C. Christensen
Anniversary Edition Canvas
| MasterWork™ Canvas

The Golden Ball
by James C. Christensen

If Pigs Could Fly
by James C. Christensen

The Ties That Bind
by James C. Christensen
CanvasDiptych | Print Diptych

by James C. Christensen
Anniversary Edition Canvas

The Greenwich Workshop
is North America’s leading publisher of fine art editions from today’s most sought-after artists. Available only through a network of Authorized Fine Art Dealers in the United States, Canada and the U.K. We have been enriching lives through art since 1972.

The Greenwich Workshop
151 Main St. Seymour, CT 06483
203-881-3336 or 800-243-4246

The Greenwich Workshop Catalogue is a showcase of the latest releases from our family of artists. Catalogue also features previous releases from artists, but represents only a small portion of our complete fine art collection. To view the entire Greenwich Workshop Fine Art collection, visit:

Fine Art Limited Edition information:
Each release appearing in Catalogue is accompanied by its Fine Art information. Here is a sample with definitions:

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n. 19"w x 24"h.

Canvas is the type of Fine Art Edition. Each canvas is accompanied by a brass title plate except SmallWorks™.

s/n signed by the artist and consecutively numbered (unless otherwise noted).

Sizes (w x h) listed in Fine Art information are the width and height dimensions of the image area.

Prices shown are in U.S. dollars.

For more information on fine art editions, visit our FAQ page.

Detail Galleries
Throughout Catalogue you will see groupings of artist’s images in color bars at the bottom of their respective pages. These are generally small details of larger images. Visit the web address provided to see an artist’s entire portfolio.




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