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Blackfoot Raiders
by Frank C. McCarthy

Our most popular recent Frank McCarthy Anniversary Edition features a Blackfoot war party on the move through the high Rockies. The rock formations and landscape are typical of Montana in the area near the Canadian border. A scout has led the way, ahead of the others. The Blackfoot scout often wore a wolf headdress . . . not as a uniform, but rather as a designation of his rank or position. Since the wolf was a hunter and tracker, it was appropriate for the scout to emulate these characteristics through his dress. This scout’s shield tells a story as well. The Blackfoot shield was a medicine object, made from the neck and shoulder
of a bull buffalo and then painted and decorated to express the owner’s vision. The Blackfoot were rarely secure even in their own broad domain for their enemies were many, and on all sides.

Anniversary Edition™
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

edition not to exceed 75 numbered.
17"w x 23"h.

Winter Windfall
by John Buxton

Winner of the Patron’s Choice Award at the 2009 Quest for the West show at The Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis, Winter Windfall is a stunning winter landscape from John Buxton. A broken and abandoned hay cart and its precious cargo of supplies is discovered by these woodland Indians. The hay cart is not designed for hauling supplies much less a trip down a backwoods stream. What caused the settlers to decide to make such an ill-prepared winter’s journey down such an arduous path? Such questions certainly entered these warriors’ minds, but taking stock of the bounty they have come across on this fine winter’s morning is the first order of business.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n.
30"w x 20"h.


The Intruder, Angel’s Camp, California, 1849
by Mian Situ

The California Gold Rush brought fortune seekers from around the world to isolated mining camps in the Sierra Nevadas. Occasionally the aroma of the next meal would entice some of the local wildlife to visit a forty-niner camp as well. Most would be miners had never spent an evening in the wilderness before heading to California, so encountering a hungry or angry California Grizzly was a first. The only certainty here is that a tumultuous uproar is about to occur, the outcome of which could fall in anyone’s favor. This painting is one of three that Situ introduced at the Autry’s 2010 Masters of the American West Show for which he received
the Gene Autry Memorial Award. Mian Situ’s epic depictions of California’s “Eastward Expansion” sit side by side with the Westward Expansion works of Moran, Bierstadt and Russell in both their historical importance and artistic greatness.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 17 s/n.
40"w x 24"h (unstretched).

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 40 s/n.
29"w x 18"h.


Sunrise in the Golden Gate; Down Easter “Benjamin F. Packard”
by Christopher Blossom

Winner of the 2010 Prix De West Purchase Award!

The top honor at the Prix de West art exhibition and sale, hosted by the National Cowboy and Heritage Museum, is the Prix de West Purchase Award. It is one of the most coveted prizes in art today and was selected for the award from a field of 110 of the country’s finest artists who presented 346 paintings at this year’s show. Now you can own one of the few large format Masterwork™ Fine Art Giclée Canvases of this award-winning image. A Greenwich Workshop artist since 1983, Chris is the most highly regarded and collected maritime artist painting today. A work of Christopher Blossom’s fine art is considered the height of craftsmanship in maritime art. His bold design and impeccable rendering capture the mood and mystical experience of men at sea.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 45 s/n.
38"w x 24"h. (unstretched)





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