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The Horse Wrangler Gather’d The Morning Mounts:
“One That Had’n Lived The Life ... Couldn’t Paint a Picture ...
To Please The Eye, of One That Had!”

by Bob Coronato

Like many kids, artist Bob Coronato grew up fascinated with the cowboy life. When he started to paint in earnest, he sold a painting to a man who thought he was good, but said he would be much better if he knew something about real cowboys. Upon graduating from Otis/Parsons Art School, he moved to Hulett,Wyoming (population 409) finding ranches that still “cowboy” in the old ways, realizing that the west he was searching for as a kid was still there, evidenced by Them’s a Bunch-a Bronc Stomp’n...Sun
(shown below).

“I was once part of a brand crew that traveled with a 1880s chuck wagon,” Coronato says of The Horse Wrangler... “Each evening, we would set the horses free to find water and grass. And each morning, before the sun came up, the horse wrangler rode out in the darkness to gather the horses from were they wandered the night before. As the ground started to shake and the wrangler drove the horses over the hill in the corral, I knew a long day was about to begin .... But I couldn’t wait, it was like being part of a special history.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n.
37"w x 28"h (unstretched).
$750 | $950 CDN | £480 + VAT
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Them’s a Bunch-a Bronc
Stomp’n ... Sun Fish’n ... S.O.B.’s

by Bob Coronato

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Print:
limited to 550 s/n.
32"w x 19 1/2"h.
$195 | $305 CDN | £130 + VAT
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Buck Norris—Crossed Sabres Ranch

by James Bama

“Wyoming, the Cowboy State, conjures images of wide open spaces, cattle ranches, wild mustangs and rugged men in boots and Stetsons,” says artist James Bama.“I had known Buck Norris for many years, he was a strong, quiet man who worked with his parents, owners of the oldest ranch on the North Fork of the Shoshone River west of Cody.The day I finally visited this cowboy and trapper to use him as a model, it
snowed three feet. With the snow filling up the corral around him, he carried the tools of his trade: a leather saddle fitted with saddle bags, fringe-decorated bridle, coiled lariat and silver-dollar size spurs.These, the clothes on his back, and, of course, his horse, were sometimes the only possessions a cowboy of the Old West owned.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Anniversary Giclée Canvas:
Order period ends December 15, 2005.
Edition not to exceed 150.
Signed by James Bama.
20"w x 20"h.
$795 | $1010 CDN | £505 + VAT
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Greenwich Workshop Anniversary Editions

James Bama's
Buck Norris—Crossed Sabers Ranch, as well as his Young Plains Indian and Bitten’ Up are Greenwich Workshop Anniversary Fine Art Editions, marking the debut of an image on canvas. Anniversary Fine Art Editions are available for an exclusive preset order period. Only a select number of collectors will be able to own these timeless masterpieces—will you be among them?