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Scouting the Long Knives
by Frank McCarthy

In artist Frank McCarthy’s Wild West his subjects often appear as heroes in action—riding
hard, looking good and, inevitably, living to fight another day.Whatever the subject—Indians,
cowboys or cavalry—there is often a commotion or disturbance going on. Leather flying,
guns firing, sabers slashing through the air, wind tossing horses’ manes—this is the action
packed West of Frank McCarthy.

Scouting the Long Knives, an Apache is concealed behind an anvil-shaped remnant of
an ancient red sandstone formation, spying on a column of cavalry and supply wagons.
Known to the Indians as “long knives” because of the long sabers they carried, the U.S.
Cavalry patrolled immense areas of the Southwest. Sometimes the patrols were out for weeks
at a time, with little or no sight of hostile Indians. But the Indians were always there, scouting
the scouters. In a land that seemed so empty, there were always eyes that watched and waited.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Anniversary Giclée MasterWork™ Canvas:
Order period ends December 15, 2005.
Edition not to exceed 150.
40”w x 16”h (unstretched).
$875 | $1110 CDN | £560 + VAT
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Patrol at Broken Finger
by Frank McCarthy
Print: limited to 750 s/n.
17 1/4"w x 23"h.
$165 | $230 CDN | £120 + VAT
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The Crossing
by Frank McCarthy
Print: limited to 850 s/n.
18 1/2"w x 25"h.
$185 | $275 CDN | £125 + VAT
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Roar of the Falls
by Frank McCarthy
Print: limited to 950 s/n.
15 1/2"w x 24"h.
$195 | $275 CDN | £140 + VAT
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No Sign of Hostiles
by John Buxton

With each new Fine Art Limited Edition, John Buxton,“Artist of Our Heritage,” engages a new collector base of history buffs and art lovers alike. Buxton’s detailed historical accuracy and artistic mastery bring the past
to life. In this latest release he portrays the tenuous coexistence between the original inhabitants of this new nation and the encroaching Europeans.

“Although loyalties and friendship did exist between Natives and the new settlers, there were always those
allied to other interests—waiting to do harm,” says Buxton.“No one was exempt from sudden harassment or deadly force, as small raiding groups took advantage of hit and run tactics—striking with surprise.These ambush tactics resulted in quick plunder for the raiders but often death for the settlers, if they were not taken hostage. If enough men could be gathered quickly after such incidents, the raiders could be tracked, and with luck overtaken.This painting shows an attempt to follow, but sign is scarce—isn’t it?”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n. 31"w x 22"h.
$625 | $795 CDN | £400 + VAT
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Kinsman to the Shawnee

by John Buxton
Print: limited to 350 s/n.
15 1/4"w x 25"h.
$145 | $185 CDN | £85 + VAT
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