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Preparing for the Feast

by John Weiss

One evening, while on the Turkey Foot Lake in Akron, Ohio, artist John Weiss saw a small family on their boat and the scene resonated with him. Musing on the subject of family relationships and childhood memories, he went back to the time his own father rented a row boat and took his brother and John fishing.
The result of this inspiration is Preparing for the Feast, a wonderfully backlit image of a father and son fishing with their faithful golden retriever.

"I enjoy painting things people can relate to," John Weiss says, "perhaps because I can connect to them myself.They're a familiar part of everyday life we can understand and enjoy. Some of my paintings tell stories, some focus on man's best friend and then there are those that capture the emotions of life. One of the jobs of an artist is to share with the world the moments which can only be described through their medium. Preparing for the Feast is one of those paintings.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclee Print:
limited to 150 s/n.
15 1/2"w x 11"h.
$145 | $185 CDN | £95 + VAT
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The Lighthouse Keeper
by John Weiss
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 150 s/n.
16"w x 15"h.
$350 | $445 CDN | £210 + VAT
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Announcing Marine Artist
Christopher Blossom's
Premiere Fine Art Giclée Canvas Release!

Christopher Blossom, one of today’s most noted marine artists, joins his appreciation for the beauty and menace of the sea with his passion for maritime history. His paintings hang in major museums in the U.S. and he is the past president of the American Society of Marine Artists.“I’m always looking for a new image that will inspire me,” says Blossom.“In some cases it is a view from another boat, in others it’s a bird’s-eye view.” Blossom is known among his peers for creating images that go beyond the standard marine genre paintings. His eye for design and skills with lighting are as evident in his landscapes as in his paintings of seagoing vessels.

“Most of my paintings are works of design, light and shadow rather than a re-creation of a specific sailing experience,” he says.“My interests almost always lie in the composition, the contrast, and the lighting conditions.” Blossom captures them so well that you might want to join him on his ongoing search for perfect sailing scenes, but fortunately for us. “I enjoy bringing these places to you,” he says.

Afternoon Arrival, Gloucester

by Christopher Blossom

“I have always enjoyed painting the arrival and departure of vessels,” says artist Christopher Blossom.“Regardless of the excitement or anticipation of the voyage to come, when setting out there is an underlying level of apprehension.The ocean can be unforgiving.With the satisfaction of a successfully completed trip, there is always a feeling of relief mixed with thoughts of homecoming.” The Greenwich Workshop is proud to celebrate Blossom’s homecoming, as he returns to his collectors with his first Fine Art Limited Edition Canvas, Afternoon Arrival, Gloucester.The artist captures a moment in the early 20th century as the fishing schooner Monitor slides quietly into Gloucester, Massachusetts’ inner harbor in the late afternoon.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n.
26"w x 19"h.
$595 | $755 CDN | £380 + VAT
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Christopher Blossom: Premier Maritime Artist
Paperback: 80 pages
$15.95 | $25.95 CDN | £12
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