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Alan Bean: Artist/ Astronaut/ Moonwalker

Captain Alan Bean was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 12, the fourth man to walk on the moon and
commander of Skylab 2. “I am fortunate enough to have seen sights no other artist ever has,” Bean says.
“I want my paintings to communicate an emotional experience in ways that photography cannot.”

Captain Bean creates his original works of art using a unique technique allowing the viewer to actually sense vestiges of the 20th century’s most dramatic accomplishments. Pressed into the canvas surfaces are Captain Bean’s authentic lunar boot “moonprints,” impressions from a core tube-bit used to collect soil samples and marks from a hammer used to drive the staff of the American flag into the moon’s surface. Moon dust, trapped on the patches on the outside of his suit, makes its way onto each original as well.

Each print and canvas is an historical record of the lunar experience, as each is signed by moonwalker Captain Alan Bean, with most countersigned by other moonwalkers and astronauts.This may be your only chance to own such a visionary and historic celebration of man’s greatest achievement. NASA was sometimes asked “Why not send an artist to the moon?” It turns out they did.

To add to the unique character of his paintings, the base layer of Alan Bean's originals contain a textured surface that is literally out of this world.

A Fire to Be Lighted

by Alan Bean

“The Falcon is on the Plain at Hadley.” These were the first words heard back on Earth when Dave Scott and Jim Irwin made their landing in July 1971. Falcon had alighted them on a scientific bonanza.As Dave looked around from Falcon’s overhead hatch, he thought, “No place on Earth has such a concentration of features.”There were mountains taller than Everest (relative to their surroundings) and a meandering
gorge a mile across, a thousand feet deep and seventy miles long.

Lunar exploration had come a long way since Neil and Buzz made their first moonwalk just two years earlier. Dave and Jim had the lunar rover, a moon car that would make possible five times the total
surface exploration of the three previous missions combined; and they had improved space suit backpacks which allowed them to stay outside their spacecraft nearly twice as long as any of us who had flown earlier.
I have painted Dave Scott, a good friend and skilled explorer, at the pinnacle of his astronaut career. In his own words, “We went to the Moon as trained observers in order to gather data, not only with our instruments on board, but also with our minds. Plutarch, a wise man who lived a long time ago, expressed the feelings of the crew of Apollo 15 when he wrote ‘the mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lighted.’”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n.
18"w x 27"h.
$650 | $825 CDN | £415 + VAT
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Conrad, Gordon and Bean: The Fantasy
by Alan Bean
Countersigned by: Capt. Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr. Apollo XII
Capt. Richard F. Gordon, Jr. Apollo XII
Print: limited to 1000 s/n.
23 3/4"w x 15 3/4"h.
$385 | $470 CDN | £289 + VAT
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Hello Universe
by Alan Bean
Countersigned by Eugene A. Cernan and Edgar D. Mitchell.
Print: limited to 550 s/n.
29"w x 16"h.
$345 | $510 CDN | £240 + VAT
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Reaching for the Stars

by Alan Bean
Countersigned by 24 astronauts of the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz programs.
Textured canvas:
limited to 1500 s/n.
27"w x 34"h.
$2200 | $3080 CDN | £1575 + VAT
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Apollo: An Eyewitness Account
by Alan Bean with Andrew Chaikin, introduction by Senator John Glenn
Hardcover: 176 pages
$45 | $69.95 CDN | £30
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