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Into the Sunlit Splendor: The Aviation Art of William S. Phillips

G-forces press on your body from the groundblurring speed of the plane, your mouth goes
dry in the desert air, the chill on your neck is from air so cold it hurts to breathe. Breath-taking
excitement bursts forth from each of William S. Phillips’ canvases.America’s premiere aviation artist, he has spent a lifetime in the aviation field, on the ground and in the air. More than an airplane portraitist, Phillips appreciates the natural beauty of landscape and atmosphere. His respect for the men and women who risk their lives to protect the values we cherish is also apparent in his art.

Greenwich Workshop Press is pleased to present the fine art book of the season, Into the Sunlit Splendor: The Aviation Art of William S. Phillips, featuring over 130 paintings in a definitive collection of his aviation art.

Into the Sunlit Splendor is also available as a deluxe Collector’s Edition™ book and fine art canvas set.This extremely limited edition comes, jacketed and slipcased with a special, bound-in certificate sheet signed by the artist.The set is completed by the Limited Edition Fine Art Giclée Canvas, Lightning from the Sun, signed by the artist and numbered.

Lightning from the Sun (right), showcases the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, the first fighter with two engines. Nearly 10,000 P-38s were produced, in eighteen variants. Known to the Germans as the “Forked Tailed Devil,” a leading P-38 Ace called it, “ ... one of the great aircraft of WWII.” And Japanese Ace Saburo Sakai said,“I was astonished to find an American aircraft that could outrun, outclimb and outdive our Zero ....”

Greenwich Workshop Collector’s Edition™ Book and Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n.
20"w x 15"h.
$595 | $755 CDN | £380
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Hardcover trade edition:
208 pages
14" x 11"
$85 | $110 CDN | £56