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New England Winter

by Paul Landry

Whether it’s a warm memory of his childhood in Nova Scotia or the simple charm of New England life, artist Paul Landry presents us with his enduring message of hope and home. Landry’s ability to make the peace and happiness of the holiday season last all year long is one of the reasons his winter scenes have long been a staple of the Greenwich Workshop Holiday Catalogue. Each Christmas, Paul has offered his collectors a timeless classic, and this year’s offering, New England Winter, is no exception. No matter where you spend the winter, the simple joys found in this charming snow scene are sure to make your season bright.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n.
23"w x 11"h.
$395 | $500 CDN | £250 + VAT
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A Major Award

by Paul Landry

“It’s... it’s... it’s indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the Fourth of July!”
– The Old Man admiring his "major award"

Last year, artist Paul Landry paid tribute to one of his favorite films, the holiday classic, A Christmas Story.
Inspired by humorist Jean Shepherd’s tale of the holidays in smalltown America, Landry brought to life the magic that has made this film a favorite with fans of all ages.This year, we move in for a close-up of the Parkers’ home on Cleveland Street, focusing on the Old Man’s “Major Award”—a garish lamp in the shape of a woman’s leg.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclee Print:

limited to 250 s/n.
14 5/8"w x 7 1/2"h.
$125 | $160 CDN | £80 + VAT
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A Christmas Story
by Paul Landry

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclee canvas:
limited to 75 s/n. Accompanied by a printed remarque.
36"w x 16"h.
$595 | $835 CDN | £365 + VAT
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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Print:
limited to 550 s/n. Accompanied by a printed remarque.
32"w x 14 1/8"h.
$175 | $245 CDN | £110 + VAT
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