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The Crimson Comet

by Dean Morrissey

Storyteller and artist Dean Morrissey brings his boundless imagination to his latest splendidly detailed canvas. He explains of The Crimson Comet, “It is an adventure story about a five-year-old girl named Nora who has talked to the moon ever since she could remember. Often Nora would drop off to sleep right in the middle of the conversation. But on this night, as she was listing some of the things about being five that she was not particularly happy about, the moon suddenly blinked out like a bulb in a giant nightlight. Afraid of the dark, Nora runs to her eight-year-old big brother Jack, who, secretly, just so happens to be a superhero called The Crimson Comet. In a panic, Nora explains what has happened and Jack swings into action.Within minutes, the pair are soaring off into the night sky on his magic vehicle in search of the dark moon.The story of this journey is about the power of imagination and how these kids use it to resolve a dreadful situation.Their job is nothing short of returning celestial elements to their natural order in the universe, and, let’s face it, you just can’t do that without a healthy dose of imagination.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 75 s/n.
30”w x 15”h.
$595 | $755 CDN | £380 + VAT
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Daniel in the Lion's Den
by Scott Gustafson

Like children’s stories, Bible stories teach us lessons about life. “I grew up in a small town and attended a Lutheran grade school where I was taught many Bible stories at a very early age,” says artist Scott Gustafson. “I think of my approach to my artwork as a form of storytelling; and although most of my work to date has been illustrating fairy tales, nursery rhymes and other forms of literature, it all really comes down to telling a story in pictures. The story of Daniel is about a man who is punished for his beliefs by a king who was swayed by vanity and bad advice. But Daniel is also the story of true faith in the face of
death and of a man who had the strength of his convictions. I chose to depict Daniel standing in a pool of mysterious light. Behind and around him, lions lurk in the shadows—nearly brushing his robes as they pace to and fro.Yet, these ravenous beasts dare not lay a single paw on the seemingly vulnerable figure who stands in their midst. In these turbulent times, the story of Daniel seems very appropriate. For although his faith is the reason he was thrown to the lions, it was also Daniel’s faith that ultimately saved him.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n.
21"w x 28"h.
$595 | $755 CDN | £380 + VAT
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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Print:
limited to 550 s/n.
18"w x 26"h.
$165 | $210 CDN | £105 + VAT
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