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Howard Terpning™
Breaks the Million Dollar Ceiling

A $1.45 million bid and the drop of the gavel secured a record place for a Howard Terpning original at auction at this July’s Coeur d’Alene Art Auction. And that was only one of two Terpning pieces that passed the million dollar mark! Search for the Renegades and The Stragglers found new homes for $1,456,000 and $1,064,000 respectively.

Art buys such as this represent savvy collectors and investors confirming what we at Greenwich have been telling you for years. Not only is Terpning an important figure in the contemporary Western art market alongside Remington and Russell, but he resides in the rare air of classic and contemporary American art with the likes of Church, Moran, Sargent, Wyeth, Rockwell and even Warhol.

Greenwich couldn’t be prouder for Howard and of our association with him. The simple fact of the matter is we approach every Fine Art Edition we create for Howard, as well as every artist we publish, as if it represents a $1 million work of art. That is a responsibility we have on behalf of the artist, and just as importantly if not more, the collector. Ninety-four Howard Terpning Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions have Sold Out at Publisher.

Another pleasant outcome of the Coeur d’Alene Auction was the continued climb of Mian Situ (page 7) as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary art market. His sweeping narratives of the Asian-American immigrant experience as part of the wider story of the opening of the American West are striking a deep chord with collectors. The Entrepeneur: San Francisco, 1890 sold for over $200,000. Three of the first four Greenwich Workshop Mian Situ limited editions have Sold Out at Publisher.

The recent bustle of activity at the auction has led to even higher demand for Terpning and Situ limited edition canvases.This is the time to get your orders in if you want to own editions by these modern greats!

Vanishing Pony Tracks

by Howard Terpning

“Horse stealing was a sport among the Plains Indians and an important way to gain honor and prestige among other members of their tribe,” says Terpning. “The man in the foreground has his horse stealing medicine attached to his belt with a miniature rope. These four Blackfoot warriors have been following a large band of trappers just waiting for the right moment to capture some of their stock. They no doubt took these ponies in the middle of the night and are now trying to put as much distance as they can between themselves and the trappers who are certainly attempting to track the Blackfoot and take their ponies back. These raiders are using every ruse to elude their pursuers including crossing the river in hopes that their tracks will be lost or at least delay their pursuers.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art MasterWork™ Giclée Canvas:
limited to 300 s/n.
32"w x 46"h (unstretched).
$2250 | $2575 CDN | £1460 | €2180
Ask About Availability

Arriving September 2006


Also by Howard Terpning...

Giclée Canvas: Sold Out at Publisher—ask your Dealer for availability!

Medicine Horse Mask
Giclée Canvas: limited to 550 s/n. 26"w x 30"h.
$975 | $1235 CDN | £580 | €920

Healing Power of the Raven Bundle
Print: limited to 750 s/n. 21"w x 32"h.
$275 | $350 CDN | £180 | €260