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Country Girls

by Steve Hanks

Country Girls is simply about enjoying the times when your children are small,” says Steve Hanks. Sometimes his pieces convey layers of meaning, this piece, however, in a smaller scale than Hanks usually paints, conveys the beauty of two tow-headed girls enjoying a moment outdoors in the country. In what could be Anytown, USA, Hanks captures an innocent time of pretending and the simple joys of childhood.

Greenwich Workshop Original Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 250 s/n.
16"w x 11"h.
$250 | $285 CDN | £170 | €250
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Arriving August 2006


A Special Collection of Figurative Nudes in Fine Art Limited Edition Giclée Canvases

Throughout history, painters have admired and then captured the human form in many
ways. Over time, the most discerning art aficionados have realized the importance of
including at least one nude as a staple of their prized collections. Steve Hanks’ exquisite contribution to this timeless art form is evidenced in his latest series, Figures in Light.

Rather than convey a specific message through his paintings, Hanks prefers to evoke an emotion he refers to as “introspective solitude.” Discerning collectors will appreciate these signed and numbered, limited edition canvas giclée prints.To view Hanks’ figurative nudes in his new collection visit:

My Little Angel

by Steve Hanks

“It is rare that I paint a piece with no background. Since there is no competition with the image, the angel, my daughter, appears to be floating within the white of the paper,” says Hanks of his fine art limited edition My Little Angel. “The piece is about treasuring times when your kids are still young and innocent and like to dabble in make-believe.The colors are soft and subtle and create a feeling that the angel is gliding. A lovely way to revisit the charms of childhood.”

Greenwich Workshop Original Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 300 s/n.
10"w x 11"h.
$195 | $225 CDN | £130 | €190
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Arriving October 2006


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