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from The Greenwich Workshop Press...

Into the Sunlit Splendor:
The Aviation Art of
William S. Phillips

by William S. Phillips

The Art of Bev Doolittle
by Bev Doolittle
and Elise Maclay

Classic Fairy Tales
by Scott Gustafson

The Night Before Christmas
by Scott Gustafson

Alphabet Soup:
A Feast of Letters

by Scott Gustafson

The Civil War Art
of Mort Künstler

by Mort Künstler
Introduction by
James I. Robertson

Desert Dreams:
The Western Art of
Don Crowley

by Don Hedgpeth

Bound for Blue Water
by Russell Jinishian

Christopher Blossom:
Premier Maritime Artist


a fool moon...
by Will Bullas

a fool and his bunny...
by Will Bullas

James Christensen:
Foremost Fantasy Artist


A Journey of the Imagination: The Art of
James C. Christensen


Africa and Beyond:
The Art and Adventures
of Simon Combes




FISH: 77 Great Fish of North America

Paintings by Flick Ford | Text by Dean Travis Clarke
Introduction by Peter Kaminsky

New! From The Greenwich Workshop Press and Artist Flick Ford

FISH is a stunning celebration of this continent’s great fish, mostly game fish, with a sprinkling of fun (pumpkinseed sunfish), history (American shad), and culinary delights (red snapper).These detailed, never-before-published watercolor portraits, with text by a master of sport fishing, Dean Travis Clarke,
combine to make an upscale guide for the naturalist, an aid to the angler, a tool for the educator and conservationist, and an enjoyable read for everyone. It’s a feast for the eyes and the catch of the season!

Every painting in this book has a story that each reader can tease out of it. Or you can simply marvel at the beauty of form and color of these citizens of The Republic of Water, each one an evolutionary marvel expressed through the artistry of a man who may one day lay claim to the title of fishdom’s Audubon.
– Peter Kaminsky, from the introduction to FISH

Greenwich Workshop Press Book:
Hardcover, jacketed. Over 80 color paintings plus sketches.
208 pages, 14"w x 11"h.
$50 | $65 CDN | £40 | €50
Ask About Availability

Arriving October 2006