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Make a Big Statement with Grand Scale Artwork
Greenwich Workshop offers Fine Art MasterWork™ and MuseumEdition™ Giclée Canvases

What do you hang in your great room or on the office lobby wall?

The Greenwich Workshop offers several large-scale editions that make bold, sweeping statements. A MasterWork™ or MuseumEdition™ makes an impressive addition to any space. Our Fine Art MasterWorks™ are images measuring over 40 inches in at least one dimension. The MuseumEditions™ measure over 80 inches in at least one dimension. Hanging smaller canvases in the same space would not produce the same magnificent window-on-the-world effect. With images to please every taste and style, these grand scale pieces complement any decor and give a sense of proportion to the larger spaces in
your home and office.

Greenwich Workshop MasterWork™ and MuseumEditions™ allow the collector to experience the artist’s work with the same magnitude as viewing the original. MasterWork™ and MuseumEditions™ have been produced from the original artwork of several of The Greenwich Workshop’s illustrious family of artists, including:

Ken Auster
John Buxton
June Carey
James C. Christensen
Simon Combes
Don Demers
Daniel Dos Santos
Flick Ford
Rod Frederick
Scott Gustafson
Linda Hartough
Tom Lovell
Stephen Lyman
Bonnie Marris
Frank McCarthy
Dean Morrissey
William S. Phillips
Liz Lemon Swindle
Howard Terpning
Morgan Weistling

To view our complete collection of MasterWorks™ and MuseumEditions™, click here.

MasterWork™ and MuseumEditions™ by June Carey...

Above Florence
by June Carey
MasterWork™ Canvas

Imported Vines
by June Carey
MasterWork™ Canvas

Villa di Castello
by June Carey
MasterWork™ Canvas

Sonoma Valley Summer
by June Carey
MasterWork™ Canvas

Vineyard Tankhouse
by June Carey
MasterWork™ Canvas

Pacheco Pass
by June Carey
MasterWork™ Canvas