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The Gift

by Judy Larson™

Loyalty is a passion, a belief, a gift bestowed only upon those who earn it. Few leaders fired the vehemence of loyalty greater than Tatanka Iyotake, the Lakota Chief Sitting Bull. To The People, loyalty was not only a characteristic of man, but also extended to the natural and animal world. In his final years, Sitting Bull proudly rode Circus Horse, a gift from Wild West impresario Wild Bill. Some scoffed at the horse, trained to act and dance in the renowned traveling show but, with the talent of any great leader, Sitting Bull recognized in Circus Horse the fire of a true noble spirit. This was the late 1800s, the time of the Ghost Dance, a ceremony to rid the land of white people and restore the Indians’ way of life. The American government feared that Sitting Bull would join the movement and bring the Lakota with him. Indian police were sent to arrest him, and a battle quickly ensued. At the sound of bullets, Circus Horse began the act he had been trained to do: a dance of pawing the ground and throwing his mane. To the Lakota it was far more. Circus Horse’s great white body remained at Sitting Bull’s side throughout the battle and, after the Chief was struck down, danced for hours more in respect for the fallen man. It is said that Circus Horse was possessed with a spirit, for throughout the entire battle, this imposing target was not struck by a single bullet. Discover the face of loyalty in Judy Larson’s The Gift.

The Noble Spirit Series
Noble Spirit is a series of paintings by Judy Larson that focus on the nature of legendary animals. Some may be better known than others, but the heart of the portrayal begins and ends with the beauty of and the passion of the unique animal itself.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Print:
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25"w x 12"h.
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Arriving October 2006

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The Art of Judy Larson™:
Search for the Spirit Within

Step into the world of extremely realistic and highly compassionate wildlife art. Share the secrets lying just behind the eyes of a half-hidden wolf, or a galloping horse.Artist Judy Larson’s signature technique is her meticulous use of scratchboard.With her dedication to the environment and skill for explicit detail, it’s not surprising that Larson would choose an art process that demands an exacting hand and eye. But the real joy of a Larson painting is in the understanding she has for the spirit of each animal she paints. She seems to enter the mind of the animal in order to show us their soul.Those who are fortunate enough to own a Larson limited edition will forever enjoy the quiet beauty that emanates from the hearts of her animal subjects.

Passionately ecological, Judy Larson creates works that are not only insightful and beautiful, but offer an array of secrets hidden within the images. With her dedication to the natural environment and aptitude for explicit detail, it’s not surprising that Larson would choose an art process that has deep roots and one that demands exacting skill.

To achieve her highly detailed paintings, Larson uses a clay-coated, Masonite-backed art board called Claybord.® To produce an original drawing, she paints the subject solidly with black India ink to create a silhouette. Larson then scratches away the dried ink using hundreds of X-Acto® blades and the result is a magnificent, lifelike image. Once the subject has been totally scratched, it is a finished black and white illustration, ready for Larson to add color. The methods of adding rich layers of color are diverse. Larson prefers a combination of airbrush, gouache or acrylics for finishing, with frequent rescratching for detail.