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Greenwich Workshop Anniversary Editions ...

Contemporary Sioux Indian
by James Bama
Anniversary Canvas

Buck Norris
by James Bama
Anniversary Canvas

Merlin and Arthur
by Scott Gustafson
Anniversary Canvas

Into the Teeth of the Tiger
by William S. Phillips
Anniversary Canvas

Heavy Drinkers
by Simon Combes
Anniversary MuseumEdition™ Canvas | Anniversary MasterWork™ Canvas

The Challenge

by Frank McCarthy

The Challenge shows the start of a confrontation between a Sioux warrior riding upstream and an enemy in the forest up ahead. He waves his coup stick in defiance at the adversary, who remains unseen by the viewer. The coup stick was important in Indian warfare. A coup was like scoring a point in a deadly game of war; if a warrior could touch the enemy with the coup stick it could be more important than if he killed him. McCarthy said, “In painting this scene, I began to think that it would be both interesting and exciting to see just who this unseen adversary is. So, immediately upon finishing The Challenge I began working on Whirling, He Raced to Meet the Challenge.”

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Anniversary Giclée Canvas:
Order period ends December 31, 2006.
Edition not to exceed 150.
26"w x 17"h.
$750 | $860 CDN | £490 | €730
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Arriving August 2006

Also by Frank McCarthy...

Children of the Raven
by Frank McCarthy
Anniversary Canvas

Whirling, He Raced
to Meet the Challenge

by Frank McCarthy
Anniversary Canvas

Scouting the Long Knives
by Frank McCarthy
MasterWork™ Canvas