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SmallWorks™ Fall Collection

Welcome to our second SmallWorks™ Fine Art Edition Collection, 28 “miniature” works from The Greenwich
Workshop family of artists.

Miniature art is an important part of any collection and SmallWorks are the way to start or augment yours. The pieces in our Fall Collection pair naturally with releases from the Spring SmallWorks for an easy
and affordable grouping. If you are interested in beginning to collect a new artist or genre, the SmallWorks Collection has something for you. Already, nearly one third of the first offering is either Sold Out at the Publisher or in Low Inventory.

The Greenwich Workshop’s SmallWorks are fine art editions with an image area of 144 square inches or
less (For example, it could be 12” x 12” or 3”x 44”). Larger than the traditional miniature format (6” x 9”),
the SmallWorks design gives the artist slightly more space and dimensions to play with, while still offering
the collector or first time buyer a point of easy and unique access to the finest art from the finest artists.
SmallWorks is about opening the door to the joy of collecting and it’s part of a larger program to not
only bring you the finest art from Greenwich Workshop artists, but to seek out new fine artists from
around the world. We have created the SmallWorks North America Exhibition and Sale that will occur this
Fall. An open call for entries was offered last spring and over 800 artists have responded. Beginning in
October, the artworks selected for the show will be posted at We need your help
to award the SmallWorks Purse of $20,000 as well as select the Top 40 pieces in the show. These winners
will be invited to appear in our Spring 2008 SmallWorks Fine Art Edition Catalogue, and you will be
helping us to select them. Find out more at: www.SmallWorks

SmallWorks™ Fall Collection...

Black Eyed Suzies
for You

by Nelson Boren

Christmas on the Eighth
by William S. Phillips

Music of Heaven
by James C. Christensen

Beagle Buddies
by John Weiss

by Steve Hanks

Christmas Pony
by Paul Landry