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Essential History
Great historical art surpasses the mere documentation of an event; it conveys the essence of an experience on a human scale. It relates the impact of an incident or era on people through people, whether the work of art is epic in scope or an intensely intimate slice of life. The Greenwich Workshop publishes the most sought-after historical artists today.

Into the Arms of the Dragon

by William S. Phillips
Canvas | Print

Evasive Action Over
Sagami Bay

by William S. Phillips
Canvas | Print

A Date with the General

by William S. Phillips

First Boots on the Ground

by William S. Phillips
MasterWork™ Canvas | Print

Word of God

by Mian Situ
MasterWork™ Canvas

Ten Miles in Day One, Victory Camp, Utah, April 28, 1869

by Mian Situ
MuseumEdition Canvas™ | Canvas

SmallWorks: The Fall 2008 Collection
The Fall 2008 SmallWorks™ Collection features exciting new works in miniature from your favorite Greenwich Workshop artists. Whether you travel east with Mian Situ, west with Z. S. Liang, or into the stars with Alan Bean, this diverse collection promises something for everyone. The Fall 2008 Collection begins shipping this month.

In addition to the Fall 2008 Collection, the following pages showcase a small selection from our Spring 2008 Collection. Time is running out to bring these memorable miniatures home, so call your local Greenwich Workshop Authorized Dealer today.

Portrait of Father Christmas

by Dean Morrissey

Light Cavalry

by Howard Terpning®

Ethan's Lantern

by Morgan Weistling

The Joy of Mud

by Bonnie Marris

A Most Beautiful Moon

by Alan Bean




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