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From the Publisher

You’ve heard us speak, time and time again, of the Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists being the most sought-after and collected artists painting today. In a vibrant economy, one can wonder whether blanket enthusiasm in the market functions as a rising tide, lifting all of its participants equally. However, when the economy stumbles, a clearer picture emerges of whom collectors deem as the most essential and the most collected.

Daniel Smith, this Catalogue’s Publisher’s Choice, is such an artist. Talent and passion, combined with an
uncompromising work ethic, have enabled Dan to not only be recognized as a top tier painter of the wildlife art world, but a must-have artist for savvy collectors building collections comprised of the most important artists painting today, regardless of their genre. Consistency of a quality realistic style combined with dynamic presentation and design are the trademarks of Smith’s work. His continued record of sold out shows and methodic growth in value in a tight market are testimony to his importance in the field.

Dan and fellow Greenwich artists stood out at the recent Couer d’Alene Art Auction held in Reno, Nevada. Auctioneer Peter Stremmel literally stopped the auction to comment on the significance of the combined
three quarters of a million dollars the new original works from both Z.S. Liang and Mian Situ commanded. Additionally, Liang set a record for one of his original works, fetching $345,000 for
Painted Robe for Powder and Ball. It’s presale estimate was between $100,000 to $200,000. Collectors also scooped up works from James Bama, Bob Coronato, Luke Frazier, Bonnie Marris, Frank McCarthy and Howard Terpning.

This generation of the Greenwich Workshop Family of artists is, literally, being followed by a second. Guy Combes has taken hold of the family standard, presenting the African Experience as only a Combes can. Not only is his art of the finest quality, but he represents the Soysambu Conservancy in the United States where he lectures and fund raises on their behalf. To learn how you can help, go to

Cassie Barney and Emily McPhie are working with their father, James Christensen, annually to present a group show. A piece from each for “Works on Paper” can be found here.

Finally, a good number of our Family of Artists work with our friends at Montgomery Frames when it come to offering their original works at galleries and important shows like the above mentioned Coeur d’Alene or the Autry Museum’s Masters. Presenting your Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition in a Montgomery Frame will leave admirers guessing as to whether you own the original or not. Fine Art Editions presented in the print version of Catalogue with Montgomery Frames will be noted as shown below.

Montgomery Frame shown
in print version of Catalogue.
(Framing not included.)

Scott Usher
Publisher and President

Over the Rainbow

by Daniel Smith

“What a stunning painting,” I overheard. “Yes. Yes it is. It’s a Smith,” the collector informed his guest. The acknowledgement of long-term accomplishment and anticipation of excellence summed up in three words, “It’s a Smith.” What sets Dan’s realistic style apart is that he does not overpower the composition with details. In fact, his sensibility of design, color, highlights and shadows are more in line with impressionistic paintings. Tight painting reveals subtle textures in bear’s fur or the nuances of reflected light in running water, while overall the work is the integration of a few basic shapes and forms. An apt mirror of the intricate simplicity of the natural world.

“When the fish are running and bear are feasting like this,” says Smith, “they won’t even waste their time eating the entire fish. They’ll focus on the skin and the fatty layer beneath, throwing the rest of the fish aside. On the surface it may appear wasteful, but it is extremely efficient when fattening up for the winter’s hibernation is the priority."

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n.
27"w x 17"h.
Ask About Availability

Montgomery Frame shown
in print version of Catalogue.
(Framing not included.)

Also by Daniel Smith

Cool Runnings

by Daniel Smith


The Greenwich Workshop
is North America’s leading publisher of fine art editions from today’s most sought-after artists. Available only through a network of Authorized Fine Art Dealers in the United States, Canada and the U.K. We have been enriching lives through art since 1972.

The Greenwich Workshop
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The Greenwich Workshop Catalogue is a showcase of the latest releases from our family of artists. Catalogue also features previous releases from artists, but represents only a small portion of our complete fine art collection. To view the entire Greenwich Workshop Fine Art collection, visit:

Fine Art Limited Edition information:
Each release appearing in Catalogue is accompanied by its Fine Art information. Here is a sample with definitions:

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n. 19"w x 24"h.

Canvas is the type of Fine Art Edition. Each canvas is accompanied by a brass title plate except SmallWorks™.

s/n signed by the artist and consecutively numbered (unless otherwise noted).

Sizes (w x h) listed in Fine Art information are the width and height dimensions of the image area.

Prices shown are in U.S. dollars.

For more information on fine art editions, visit our FAQ page.

Detail Galleries
Throughout Catalogue you will see groupings of artist’s images in color bars at the bottom of their respective pages. These are generally small details of larger images. Visit the web address provided to see an artist’s entire portfolio.




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