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Miniature art is an important part of any collection and SmallWorks is the way to start yours. Such works
are often a collector’s first purchase because they are less expensive. A single small jewel of art can be that final, elegant touch in fine décor. On the other hand, a wall filled with framed miniatures makes for an impressive display of a collector’s unique style and range of interests. Refresh the walls of your favorite room with a selection from this season's newest SmallWorks.


by John Weiss
SmallWorks™ Canvas

The Fox Guarding the Henhouse

by Scott Gustafson
SmallWorks™ Canvas

Armstrong, Aldrin,
and an American Eagle

by Alan Bean
SmallWorks™ Canvas

Below Telegraph Hill

by Christopher Blossom
SmallWorks™ Canvas

Scarlet Tanager

by Rod Frederick
SmallWorks™ Canvas

Clotilda´s Perfect Day

by Bonnie Marris
SmallWorks™ Canvas

Brawlin´ Bruins

by Daniel Smith
SmallWorks™ Canvas

Fish Hawk

by Z.S. Liang
SmallWorks™ Canvas




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